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Image Executive EDMS NG Integrates dtSearch

“We have been a full-service provider of dtSearch technologies for about a decade.”

“We utilize dtSearch because of its state-of-the-art features and the value it provides to our clients.”
CEO Imaging Systems, Inc. is a pioneering developer of scanning and electronic document management systems. Image Executive EDMS NG (next generation), the company's flagship enterprise software, is an integrated application that contains BPM (business process management) and record management processes for document scanning, filing and organization, secure archival, and easy retrieval and viewing. Utilities for document integrity and compliance including backup and disaster recovery, records retention scheduling and a myriad of audit functions and reporting are included.

CEO Image Systems
Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, CEO Imaging Systems provides customer service and sales throughout North America. The company's document management technologies have been successfully implemented in many vertical markets including education, energy and utilities, government, financial services, legal, manufacturing, and distribution.

For text search and retrieval, CEO Imaging Systems works with the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. “We have been a full-service provider of dtSearch technologies for about a decade,” says Conrad Foster, President and CEO of CEO Imaging Systems. “We utilize dtSearch because of its state-of-the-art features and the value it provides to our clients.”

“CEO Imaging Systems utilizes the dtSearch Engine as an integrated boolean search tool with our enterprise-based Image Executive EDMS NG electronic document management system,” says Mr. Foster. “We also provide the dtSearch Engine for other free-standing solutions where powerful keyword and Boolean search functionality is required to find text and image documents stored on PCs, networks and on the Internet. The dtSearch Engine conducts fast searches through text encapsulated PDF files, as well as text, Microsoft Office, and other indexed document formats.”

Mr. Foster listed the following key features CEO Imaging Systems had identified of the dtSearch Engine:
  1. Capacity and speed; terabyte indexer. The dtSearch Engine can index over a terabyte of text in a single index--as well as create and simultaneously search an unlimited number of indexes. Indexed search time is typically less than a second, even across terabytes of data.
  2. Supported file types. After a search, dtSearch can display HTML, XML and PDF files with highlighted hits and with embedded images, links and formatting intact. dtSearch uses built-in proprietary HTML converters for browser display of non-Web-ready content (MS Office, OpenOffice, ZIP, CSV, Unicode, and other popular file types) with highlighted hits.
  3. Database and fielded data support. In addition to searching fields in all supported file types, the dtSearch Engine offers hit-highlighted precision search options for ODBC, XML and SQL-type databases, including support for BLOB data. The dtSearch Engine also has extensive support for adding on-the-fly classification information and other fields to documents during indexing.
  4. dtSearch Spider. The dtSearch Engine includes full access to dtSearch’s built-in Spider functionality through a .NET/.NET 2.0 API. The Spider supports: public sites, secure content HTTPS, password-accessible sites, and forms-based authentication searching of Web-based content to any specified level of horizontal or vertical depth searching of static content (HTML, XML, PDF, etc.) as well as dynamic content (ASP.NET, MS CMS, SharePoint, etc.), with WYSWYG display of native Web-based content with highlighted hits integrated relevancy-ranking of Spidered and non-Spidered content (all with highlighted hits).”
For more information on CEO Image's vertical-market solutions, please call Conrad Foster at 1-800-523-1066 or (734) 354-8874 or email You can also visit the company online at
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