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Cybergroup Utilizes dtSearch For International Municipal Governmental Information Portal

“dtSearch was chosen as the foundation of the system because of its unique searching, spidering, and document indexing capabilities.”

“A powerful information retrieval resource.”
Cybergroup, Inc. is a professional services firm with expertise in Internet and Intranet business strategy, Internet marketing communications, and Internet and Intranet technology solutions. Cybergroup provides a comprehensive range of Internet, Intranet, and Web site solutions and services, with a primary focus on Web to database integration.

One of Cybergroup's customers is an organization that represents local government officials throughout the world. This governmental organization strives to make in-depth information on local government issues and opportunities available to its members. When a local government official needs information on current issues, opportunities, and regulations, what better place to find it than at other governmental sites. Unfortunately, using popular search engines, the manager more often than not finds voluminous irrelevant information.

To solve this problem, Cybergroup deployed a Web portal where organization members can retrieve information on timely issues and topics, governmental regulations, local government meeting minutes, and more. Cybergroup chose the dtSearch product line to handle spidering of governmental sites, as well as the indexing and searching of retrieved information on the Web portal. "dtSearch was chosen as the foundation of the system because of its unique searching, spidering, and document indexing capabilities," explained Greg Bean, President, of Cybergroup.

Using dtSearch Web and dtSearch Spider, the Web portal spiders only governmental sites and has constructed an index of well over 400,000 relevant Web documents (HTML, PDF, etc.). On the front end, Cybergroup utilized a variety of Active Server Page (ASP) scripts to provide an easy-to-use, custom interface. The end result? "A powerful information retrieval resource," says Mr. Bean.

For more information Cybergroup, please visit, email or call 443-341-9705 x500.
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