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Cybergroup’s dbConnector and dbIndexer Serve as a Convenient dtSearch / Database Bridge

“dtSearch lives up to its reputation as the most powerful on the market.”

“Combining our add-on products with dtSearch provides a powerful means to bring structure to unstructured information.”
dbConnector serves as a developer bridge between dtSearch, ODBC-compliant databases such as SQL, and unstructured document data. In fact, dbConnector makes connecting dtSearch with SQL databases and associated document data as easy as clicking through a wizard.

Database-driven Web searches are oriented towards locating exact information that is neatly organized into database fields. Examples might be inventory stock information or payroll detail. Structured queries can locate exact data housed in a database’s rows and columns. But such structured queries can overlook textual information like product specifications, product reviews, or employee evaluations, not ‘indexed’ or catalogued by the database.

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The challenge is integrating database and full-text information as one repository so that search results embody the depth and breadth of corporate information. Enter dbConnector. dbConnector brings structure to unstructured data. The end result allows searchers to take a structured query approach to unstructured information, thereby providing new opportunities for enhanced business intelligence.

“dbConnector generates a rich searchable dtSearch index with integrated database information from corporate databases,” said Greg Bean, president, Cybergoup. “dbConnector interfaces to your database of choice through an ODBC connection and runs as a desktop application to generate a searchable index. dbConnector further allows the developer to quickly define the relationship between unstructured files (such as MS Word documents, PDF documents, and Web pages) and any ODBC-compliant database (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc).”

For those projects where a developer simply desires to apply the power of dtSearch to database text columns, Cybergroup offers dbIndexer “dtSearch, by design, is a great product for indexing a variety of document types,” explained Mr. Bean. “However, many developers are tasked with indexing text columns in a database and don't need to index documents. They want a ‘database-only’ index and search.”

“For example, a sample scenario might be where a developer has a database of job applicants and each record has a memo field with resume text. Or, a developer has a product database with each record containing product technical specifications in a large text field. For these database projects Cybergroup offers dbIndexer.”

Explaining why he chose to integrate his new products with the dtSearch Engine, Mr. Bean said: “dtSearch lives up to its reputation as the most powerful search engine on the market. We found that not only was dtSearch searching powerful, including such features as fuzzy searching and relevance ranking, but dtSearch also supported a wide range of file formats.” In sum, “Combining our add-on products with dtSearch provides a powerful means to bring structure to unstructured information.”

Customer response to Cybergroup's add-on applicationsto dtSearch have been excellent. AUK staffing company purchased dbIndexer and dtSearchto provide a portal that gives direct access totheir in-house recruitment database to externalclients. The staffing company's reaction: "Ijust wanted to let you know I have successfullyindexed about 28,000 CVs in our Blob, and havesuccessfully searched them, with keywords highlighted.dtSearch found the keywords, displayed the textin the screen below AND highlighted the keywords.There was a round of applause in the office! Thisis exactly what I was trying to achieve, out ofthe box, so I am very pleased and grateful.”

A large international standards agency licenseddbIndexer to augment dtSearch and achieved similarresults: “We are testing and implementinga major search function for one of our divisionsand we find this product to be very good. Usingthe trial version we indexed some of our SQLServer databases and I found the ability to customizeour dtSearch search results and views based onthose index results to be very neat. Small learningcurve but once it becomes understood the powerthis thing possesses is awesome.”

For more information on dbConnector or dbIndexer, please email, call Cybergroup at 443-341-9705 x500, or visit Cybergroup online at
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