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Digital Office Systems adds dtSearch to paperless legal industry solutions.

“dtSearch is far and away the best search solution for our product ”

“[dtSearch] fully integrates with Digital Office DM and provides users with amazingly fast search capability.”
Digital Office Systems is a leading provider of document management and paperless office solutions for small and medium-sized law firms. The company designs products that are both easy to use and cost-effective. The Digital Office product suite includes a variety of components for paperless office implementation and management.

The base program is Digital Office DM. It allows users to browse documents in the Digital File Room (stored in Adobe Acrobat pdf format). The unique feature of Digital Office is that the data is embedded in the files, completely eliminating the need to rely on a central database. The program instantly collects data from the documents selected and displays the data along with a preview of the document. Users may be content with the default data fields or can simply create new fields of their own choosing on the fly.

For powerful search functionality, Digital Office Systems chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. "dtSearch is far and away the best search solution for our product," said Company President Garry Appel. "It fully integrates with Digital Office DM and provides users with amazingly fast search capability." Chief Technology Officer Peter Lucas added: "dtSearch allows users of Digital Office DM nearly unlimited search options. No other product we considered provided the same ease of use and comprehensive search capabilities. It's also scalable and therefore equally suited for one or one thousand users."

To the basic Digital Office DM product, law firms can add a scan module which allows the scan operator to scan paper, including pleadings, correspondence and other documents and then route the files to users via e-mail; a tools module includes automated directory creation for new matters, batch file processing (merging multiple files into one, batch printing and bates stamping), data scrubbing (to eliminate data from files given to others), and automated paper tracking; and the indispensable e-mail capture function, which automatically converts incoming and outgoing e-mails to Adobe Acrobat pdf files and embeds any e-mail attachments.

E-mail capture allows users to integrate electronic and paper correspondence and create a permanent archive of e-mail communications. Digital Office also interfaces with Microsoft Outlook. This allows users to create calendar, contact or task items at the same time a scanned document is being viewed and filed. In addition, users can simply forward scanned documents to others, either co-workers in the office or clients, from within the Digital Office program.

For more information on the Digital Office paperless office solutions, please call (303) 929-2990, email, or visit
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