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Encore Technical Staffing recruits dtSearch for lowest possible margins

“dtSearch Web is a wonderful product. We run it on about 1.8 million resumes and it's great.”

“And the ability to customize the web interface to our own needs is great!”
Encore Technical Staffing is a staffing company specializing in the placement of high tech professionals on a contract basis. Encore focuses on maintaining low margins, enabling Encore to charge clients less while paying contractors more. As Encore's Web site states: "Encore's low margins enable us to offer the candidate a better rate than our competitors. We count on our ability to provide you with the best talent because we know that we can provide the best wages for our consultants."

Encore achieves its low margins by maximizing efficiency and minimizing overhead. One step Encore has taken for maximum efficiency is switching to dtSearch Web. "We originally purchased the desktop version, then did an upgrade to dtSearch Web," said Dan Wooldridge, Senior Partner, Encore Technical Staffing. "dtSearch Web is a wonderful product. We run it on about 1.8 million resumes and it's great." Added Mr. Wooldridge: "The customer support is awesome as is the product!"

Encore knows that providing precise matches to its clients' job requirements is the single most important part of the staffing business. The company is committed to providing its clients only with candidates that they would hire. To ensure that Encore provides only great matches for its clients' requirements, Encore has developed solid processes that help us evaluate which candidates to present to its clients, starting with precision job order forms.

"The web version gives us both the security and access we needed to support our virtual environment," says Mr. Wooldrige. "And the ability to customize the web interface to our own needs is great! We now have business locations in Hawaii, Oregon and California. The cost to do that without the ability to go virtual and the capabilities of dtSearch would have prevented us from that growth. In addition, it allows us to hire better people for less as the location of the recruiters becomes transparent to the client." "We also recently started using dtSearch Web against our internal documents as well and have almost completely eliminated our paper files by scanning our internal checks, bills, payroll reports, contracts, agreements, time sheets, statements, job orders, commissions reports, etc. into PDF files and storing them on a secure section of our internal network. We have an index update twice daily and all the documents are available in seconds. In past positions I've held, I've always had an executive assistant that handles all the filing for me as that is certainly not my strong suit... however with this process, I have eliminated most of that need. One more way we cut our overhead." "Before starting Encore almost 5 years ago, I was the CFO/CIO of another staffing company, where we used a competitor product. dtSearch is by far superior in performance and function, is more competitively prices and the customer support is substantially superior."

For more information on Encore's low margin technical staffing services, or to submit a resume or view open job orders, please visit Encore's Web site at . You can also contact Encore by phone at (650) 599-9903, or by fax at (650) 599-9904.
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