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Orange Legal Technologies Utilizes dtSearch within its Innovative Review Platform, OneO

“dtSearch is the dominating search technology within the legal industry" with "powerful search capabilities.”

From Inside Counsel: “dtSearch helps Orange Legal Tech bolster e-discovery capabilities.”

Orange Legal Technologies provides its clients with the technology and talent to handle the complexities surrounding the legal document review process. The company's OneO eDiscovery review platform operates from a secure web-hosted environment. OneO lets clients collect, analyze, process, review, produce and even translate from a foreign language e-discovery content.

OneO features include:
  • Virtually instantaneous document viewing
  • Highly advanced document redaction capability
  • Secure access from any location or platform including PC/Mac/iPad/Android
  • Proprietary "near duplicate" identification and clustering technology
  • On-the-fly user configurable foreign language translation
Within OneO, "dtSearch lets users run searches on keyword, full-text, date-range, and other full conditional searches across an entire repository or a specific subset of data. dtSearch is the dominating search technology within the legal industry. Orange Legal Technologies utilizes dtSearch within OneO review, our innovative review platform, to provide powerful search capabilities to our users."

In addition to offering its OneO platform, Orange Legal Technologies also provides:
  • Managed Attorney Review
    OrangeLT’s Managed Attorney Review Services provide expert talent to conduct defensible reviews of electronically stored documents and data. The service leverages highly trained on-shore U.S. licensed attorney teams and managers. OLT review attorneys are unique because they are specifically trained in technology and how to use it.
  • Customized eDiscovery Technology
    OrangeLT’s Customized eDiscovery Technology provides law firms and corporations with a unique combination of customized technology solutions designed to increase client productivity and streamline the eDiscovery process. Unlike many eDiscovery service vendors that resell and manage licensed pre-packaged software from multiple providers, Orange Legal Technologies leverages its own internally developed OneO Discovery Platform to deliver customized solutions to address our clients’ specific needs.
  • Digital Evidence & Forensic Collection Services
    OrangeLT’s Digital Evidence and Forensic Collection Services include both technology and consulting designed to assist you in the identification, preservation, evaluation and acquisition of potentially relevant ESI.
  • Managed eDiscovery Services
    Organizations taking on the challenges of in-house review quickly realize managing eDiscovery properly takes more than just having the IT staff install expensive hardware/software and designating a few team members to lead the endeavor. Managing eDiscovery properly takes adaptability, experience, and knowledge. Providing legal teams with the proper support, tools and knowledge is what we’ve done for nearly two decades. Always be confident in your ability to handle eDiscovery processes. Let Orange Legal Technologies be the extension of your team that takes on the time and energy required to get eDiscovery right.
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