Sherpa Software’s Attender Brings dtSearching to Lotus Notes And Beyond

“We use dtSearch for dynamic keyword searching,”

“The dtSearch Engine provides powerful searching within files and attachments.”
Sherpa chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for WindowsSherpa's Discovery Attender for Notes is a Lotus Notes search and e-discovery tool that automates investigative tasks in Domino server databases.  Uses include discreet management of legal, HR and corporate discovery requests, and well as use for confidentiality breaches and misrepresentations.  The application also assists in compliance with the new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures.

In addition to Discovery Attender searching Lotus Notes repositories, Sherpa chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Windows. for freestanding searching of documents outside of a Lotus Notes repository, "We use dtSearch for dynamic keyword searching," explains Sherpa Software. "The dtSearch Engine provides powerful searching within files and attachments."

Discovery Attender for Notes has the ability to combine a search for data inside of a Lotus Notes archive with documents outside of Lotus Notes.  And it provides a direct Domino interface for its functionality.  Users can isolate search results in a Domino database for later review, or export results to XML for internet access.

Sherpa Software is a global provider of content management tools designed to effectively answer archiving, storage management, discovery and compliance needs. For more information, please call Sherpa Software at (412) 206-0005 or toll-free at 1-800-255-5155. You an also email, or visit Sherpa Software on line at
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