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Systemsearch contracts “Talent” recruitment application using dtSearch; finds productivity up “leaps and bounds.”

“Productivity has increased leaps and bounds ... an efficient and productive development tool!”

“The examples you provided are excellent and helped me get up to development speed stat! ... Thanks for a job well done!”
Located in Toronto, Systemsearch's mission is to provide the highest quality recruitment services to its clients. "We keep in mind the goals of our clients and the aspirations of our candidates to find a mutually beneficial relationship helping to create a successful and professional workplace." With over twenty years experience in the IT recruitment industry, Systemsearch understands the importance of finding the right candidate, and finding that candidate fast.
"Time is the worst offender. When an employer wants to find the ideal candidate within a certain deadline, you can't waste time paging through endless piles of resumes or by trying to remember the name of that person you spoke to sometime ago, somewhere that might have the skills." It was that realization that led Systemsearch to Talent (a software application developed for Systemsearch by Graeme Benner).

Requirements for Talent included a recruitment database component to maintain and search through recruitment-specific data such as permanent/contract position, remuneration expectations, availability, references and other details not necessarily found in the resumes themselves. Systemsearch also wanted a Web page for job seekers to submit resumes and enter the information required for its recruitment database. Finally, Systemsearch wanted fast search and retrieval against its entire database of resume and job related documents.

As Talent's foundation, Graeme Benner (Talent developer) chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. According to Graeme: "As a long time well seasoned and 'realistic' developer for Microsoft based platforms, I was pleasantly surprised with dtSearch. When bringing in a 3rd party tool, I measure it based on reliability, ease of use and support. Having invested several months so far into working with the dtSearch Engine, I can safely say this product excels in all three."

dtSearch Engine provided features that Mr. Benner truly appreciated included the following. "The search criteria user interface I implemented is well focused for recruiters including user-managed thesaurus to aid in similar titles for the same type of positions." In addition, "It's doing a great job with database field searches."

"The four questions that I brought up on your support site were handled right away. I should add that the fact that I only needed to ask four questions was impressive in itself." Mr. Benner also praised the dtSearch Engine sample code and examples. "The examples you provided are excellent and helped me get up to development speed stat!" Added Mr. Benner: "I have had a chance work with your samples and everything is so straightforward. Thanks for a job well done!"

The end result was a well-operating recruitment system. According to Systemsearch: "Talent (based on the dtSearch engine) allows us to minimize wasted time and maximize results with its easy to use search capabilities. There are so many options to use to help concentrate our search criteria in order to find the right types of individuals — fast! Productivity has increased leaps and bounds, and Talent has played a major role in this success. I would suggest the use of this product to anyone who could benefit from such an efficient and productive development tool."

For more information on Systemsearch's recruitment consulting services, or for information on its newly-developed Talent product, please email Graeme Benner,
To contact dtSearch's Canadian distributor RCC Consulting, please call Ron Crawford at 1-800-864-0227or visit RCC Consulting on the Web at or email
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