The dtSearch Engine for Linux

Copyright (c) 1995-2018 dtSearch Corporation

 Product Information and Licensing

The dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Linux provides a way for C++ and Java developers to incorporate dtSearch text retrieval functions into their applications for the Linux platform.  No dtSearch end-user products are currently available for Linux so some C++ or Java programming is needed to make any use of the Linux version. 

A license for the dtSearch Engine for Linux is $2,500, for use on up to three servers.   For information on royalty-free and other licensing options, please contact dtSearch Corp.

The dtSearch Engine is built with GCC 4.4.7. Because of GCC compatibility requirements, applications that use the dtSearch Engine for Linux must be compiled with GCC 4.

The Java API requires Java version 1.4.1 or later. 

Using the dtSearch Engine in C++

See the textdemo sample application, in <dtsearch>/examples/gcc/textdemo, for an example demonstrating how to build a C++ application using the dtSearch Engine. 

To build the application:

cd dtsearch/examples/gcc/textdemo

make -f linux32.mak all

make -f linux32.mak run

Making the "all" target compiles and links the textdemo application.

Making the "run" target runs the application.   (Because textdemo is dynamically linked to the dtSearch Engine library (, it will not execute unless LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes the folder where the dtSearch Engine library is located.)

To build and run the 64-bit version of textdemo:

cd dtsearch/examples/gcc/textdemo

make -f linux64.mak all

make -f linux64.mak run

Using the dtSearch Engine in Java  

For Java classes and sample code, see the <dtsearch>\examples\java folder.  The Java interface to the dtSearch Engine is based on the Java Native Interface (JNI). Therefore, both the Java classes and a platform-specific binary executable are needed to use it.

The Java classes are in this file:


This file must be on the CLASSPATH.  Adding the dtSearch examples/java/classes folder to the CLASSPATH, or copying its contents to a folder on the CLASSPATH, will make these classes available in Java.

Under Linux, the binary executable is, which must be accessed through a symbolic link named  To run the JavaDemo sample application:

cd dtsearch/examples/java/classes

chmod +x


If you get a Java "Unsatisfied Link" exception, it means that the necessary symbolic links are not set up in dtsearch/bin.   To correct this:

cd dtsearch/bin

chmod +x


API Documentation

For API documentation, see help\dtSearchApiRef.chm and help\dtSearchJavaApi.chm in the Windows installation of the dtSearch Engine. 

An HTML version of this help is included with the Linux version of the dtSearch Engine in and  PDF versions of these files are included as well.

The documentation is also available online:  dtSearch Api Reference and dtSearch Java API

Differences between the dtSearch Engine for Linux and the dtSearch Engine for Windows

For information on functional differences between the dtSearch Engine for Linux and other versions, please see