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“None of the other search engines we tried searched with the same accuracy.”

“With dtSearch, indexing was very fast. And search time over even a very large database was instantaneous.”
Founded in 1994, American Technology Services, Inc. (ATS) has provided technology consulting services in the areas of Internet development and hosting, software development and network integration for professional and trade associations as well as Fortune 500 companies. It was named one of the nation's leading Internet design firms for the past three years by Internet Week magazine. ATS is also a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider and one of Microsoft's top resellers and integrators.

An ATS client, the Petroleum Finance Company (PFC), needed a comprehensive search engine for its site, PFC is a consulting firm specializing in the financial, strategic, commercial and political aspects of the international oil and gas business. PFC works closely with client organizations worldwide, including major oil and gas companies, investment and commercial banks, governments and multilateral agencies.

PFC needed a multi-faceted search engine for its content-rich Web site. The Web site included a public database of events in the energy world. PFC also needed to provide searching for a private, specialized client-site search area. The private search site included such information as downstream monitoring service for different parts of the world, downstream competition service, worldwide lubricants service, gas and power strategies service. The search also needed to cover an affiliate site,, connected to

To search its multifaceted online databases, ATS chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. "We had very large databases, for which we evaluated a lot of search engines," said Alex Koludrovic of ATS. "With dtSearch, indexing was very fast. And search time over even a very large database was instantaneous." As a special bonus, ATS was also able to use the dtSearch Engine to search files internally on PFC's own desktop and network drives.

While speed was a secondary concern to accuracy, dtSearch Engine provided both. "None of the other search engines we tried searched with the same accuracy," said Mr. Koludrovic. ATS also liked the many search features in dtSearch. "We increasingly rely on advanced search options in dtSearch such as fuzzy, phonic, stemming and natural language."

To link so many different databases through the Web, customization work was key. "We needed something that we could customize with ASP scripts," said Mr. Koludrovic. "None of the other search engines provided the same ease of customization as dtSearch, both on the frontend and the backend." For example, ATS used ASP scripts on the frontend of the dtSearch Engine to customize the initial search results returned. And ATS added scripts on the backend to retrieve information like which search requests and which retrieved documents were "hot."

"ATS really put together an impressive project with ASP scripting," said David Thede, President, dtSearch Corp. "They clearly excel at complex Web programming." For dtSearch Engine customization work, please see also ATS' dtSearch Dev. Works listing.

For more information about ATS, please call 703-876-0300; fax 703-876-0740; or visit their Web site at Or email Alex Koludrovic directly at
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