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Bitext Adds dtSearch and NaturalFinder to Digital Assets Solution for the Spanish National Institute of Public Administration (INAP)

“dtSearch by far surpassed our needs..”

“dtSearch by far surpassed our needs. We haven’t found any search engine so easy to work with, due to its powerful API and the quick support from its customer service team.”
Bitext develops linguistic technologies for natural language understanding in different languages, including Spanish and English. INAP is an autonomous body within Spain’s General State Administration. INAP’s digital library features a diverse set of information sources: daily publications, document databases, bibliographic catalogues, encyclopedias, etc.

Prior to Bitext’s integration of dtSearch and Bitext’s own NaturalFinder, every INAP information source had its own separate search system, with its own unique query language. This situation meant long delays and extra effort for users when they had to query INAP’s data repositories. 

“The model for the digital library that Bitext designed for INAP needed a search engine that was quick, powerful and reliable,” comments Josu Gómez, project manager at Bitext. “This search engine had to able to combine search processes in several repositories of various kinds, to customize the presentation and communicate efficiently with the API of our natural language technology.”

“Integrating a joint NaturalFinder-dtSearch solution in INAP’s environment has enabled access to all the information sources quickly and easily,” continues Mr. Gómez. “The resulting solution supports natural language to formulate queries, so that users do not need to know the query language of every information source.”

“The solution Bitext implemented also provides single access query, which our solution then seamlessly redirects to all the other sources,” says Mr. Gómez. “Bitext has further carried out this integration of NaturalFinder-dtSearch unintrusively, without altering either INAP’s underlying data repositories or data management systems.”

In terms of a search engine, “dtSearch by far surpassed our needs,” adds Mr. Gómez. “We haven’t found any search engine so easy to work with, due to its powerful API and the quick support from its customer service team.”

Bitext’s NaturalFinder makes it possible for any management and search system to understand user’s queries in natural language. NaturalFinder is available in Spanish, English, Basque, Catalan and Valenciano; and it is in development for Gallician.

Bitext is a Spanish company devoted to consulting services and the development of natural language technologies. Bitext’s natural language technologies makes it possible:
  • for people to interact with machines using natural language
  • for machines to analyze and exploit large quantities of text intelligently
Bitext markets solutions based on this technology to assist enterprises in the management and exploitation of large quantities of structured (database) information and unstructured (document) information. Bitext specializes in natural-language based access to multiple information sources, automatic extraction of metadata of large text repositories, and document categorization according to content.

For more information about Bitext, please visit them on the Web at You can also reach them by phone at (34) 91 146 16 60, by fax at (34) 91 146 16 61, or by email to You can also contact Bitext to request demos of NaturalFinder integrated with the dtSearch Engine. Ask about special offerings of NaturalFinder and dtSearch.
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