Ipro Tech Utilizes dtSearch as Part of a Comprehensive Platform for the Early Case Assessment, Document Review, Processing, and Production of Large Litigation Document Collections

“dtSearch powers high-speed text retrieval functionality so users can find important information faster.”
ipro | innovative information solutionsIpro Tech is the developer of a portfolio of advanced litigation support and eDiscovery tools that enable legal professionals around the world to streamline the litigation process.  The Ipro Enterprise digital discovery platform is used by thousands of law firms, legal service providers, corporations, and government agencies to organize, review, process, and produce litigation collections of vast sizes and complexity levels. 

“dtSearch powers high-speed text retrieval functionality so users can find important information faster,” explains Rich Ruyle, CIO/CTO of Ipro.  “Ipro uses dtSearch technology in all three of the fully integrated components of the Ipro Enterprise digital discovery platform.”

Ipro products using dtSearch are:


Allegro is an early case assessment applications that gives users the absolute quickest access to litigation data. Allegro’s high speed ingestion engine can identify and index extremely large amounts of unstructured data and present that data in a clear, organized, and intuitive way without waiting for extensive processing. “Backed by dtSearch technology, Allegro has a multitude of keyword search options available for users to analyze and cull litigation collections to only relevant documents before sending on to the costly stage of litigation review.”


Eclipse is a web-based platform that contains extensive features for image and native file review, “including advanced search features powered by dtSearch and Content Analyst.” By combining advanced analytical technology with standard linear workflows, Eclipse allows users to achieve the best reviews in the least amount of time. Eclipse also contains a full production engine, including hundreds of output options, for a complete solution.


eCapture is a centrally managed, fully scalable, high-speed eDiscovery processing tool that can handle terabytes of data with minimal human intervention. “eCapture incorporates dtSearch technology that allows users to perform powerful searching,” and also offers de-duping, and filtering on large amounts of litigation data before producing the collection.


eScan-IT is a desktop electronic discovery tool that combines electronically stored information processing, paper scanning, and printing in one intuitive application. After processing, OCRing, and converting the document collection, eScan-IT can autoload into Eclipse SE for image review, export to industry-standard load files, or print native documents to paper for the ultimate all-in-one paper and ESI desktop processing tool. “dtSearch’s robust and high-speed search capabilities empower users to build both simple and complex queries in order to find exactly what they are looking for.”

For more information, please call Ipro at 1-877-324-4776 or visit them online at ipro.com
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