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Modern Image Combines dtSearch Enterprise-Wide Searching and Spidered Searching for Major Non-Profit
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“In reviewing the market, we found no peer to dtSearch.”

“dtSearch is robust enough for even the largest document collections … The dtSearch Spider led to a goldmine of information.”
Geology Ontario provides unprecedented access to the information holdings of the Ontario Geological Survey.Located in Northern Virginia, and servicing the mid-Atlantic region, Modern Image specializes in assisting organizations with document imaging and document management. Modern Image tailors each project to the specific needs of a customer. For example, Modern Image provided OCR services and a dtSearch implementation for the research and investigations division of a major not-for-profit organization.

“Not-for-profit organizations have large amounts of paper documents that require conversion to images to support archiving and research,” said Andy Reiman, Service Manager of Modern Image. “Modern Image is an expert in both document imaging and text retrieval technology. In reviewing the market, we found no peer to dtSearch. dtSearch is robust enough for even the largest document collections.”

Regarding the extensive OCR portion of the project that Modern Image completed, Mr. Reiman said: “Modern Image employs a variety of scanning and OCR engines, so we can ensure the best results for any customer. For this not-for-profit organization, we were able to efficiently OCR very old documents like newsclippings, and historical archival non-standard paper, with 99.9% quality assurance.”

Modern Image implemented dtSearch for searching the not-for-profit organization’s newly OCR’ed files and the organization’s existing document collection. “dtSearch is the engine that made it possible to find what the organization needed. Any file that was ‘born-electronic,’ such as MS Word or MS Excel, as well as any OCR’ed file, can now be easily searched and retrieved, regardless of the location in the organization,” said Mr. Reiman.

“We set this up both in a standalone implementation, e.g. for laptop use, as well as a fully networked internal system. For the organization’s scanning and OCR needs going forward, we set up as automatic scanning and OCR from a multi-function printer (MFP) directly into the dtSearch repository.” Added Mr. Reiman: “The system we set up with dtSearch is easy enough for any employee to use. Any employee can now locate information in a second, instead of in a day.”

But Modern Image’s customers did not just stop with dtSearch’s intra-organization search capabilities. “The not-for-profit used dtSearch’s spidering capabilities to check out various websites for relevant information. The dtSearch Spider led to a goldmine of information,” added Mr. Reiman.

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