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Web-Based Technical Help Desk and Knowledge Repository Gets Its Own Help With dtSearch

“We went with the dtSearch Engine after benchmarking it over a number of other products ... On sheer processing, dtSearch pulled ahead.”

“Search time was half-second or less ... The daily dtSearch index rebuild would take just a couple of minutes, including a few hundred new help entries.”
Premirus has Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Program. Consultants now working for Premirus Technologies Corporation used a Web-based integrated document solutions approach when setting up a combination knowledge base and technical help desk for a large enterprise IT shop. "Help desk questions could be anything from where is the ‘any’ key to complex usage questions on custom applications," explained Kevin King, a Premirus founder and principal. "The help desk operators would go in and enter a help desk call or knowledge base article."

For full-text searching in the help desk / knowledge base system, Premirus consultants picked the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. "We went with the dtSearch Engine after benchmarking it over a number of other products," said Kevin King, Premirus founder and principal. "On sheer processing, dtSearch pulled ahead, both when crossing multiple indexes, and when handling larger single indexes. In fact, in the final analysis, dtSearch was so good, and so much better than the competing products, benchmarking was cut short by a final decision by the developers to move ahead with dtSearch."

The help desk / knowledge base system integrated the dtSearch Engine as follows. "Help desk or knowledge base data entries would come into the system through HTML forms, aggregated from the fields in original documents. The data was then inputted through the Web using input ActiveX controls. The dtSearch Engine provided the search mechanism for the output data."

Within the system, Premirus consultants’ used the dtSearch Engine for both full-text and fielded data searching. "Search time was half-second or less. We could search for a certain user, or a certain subject, either by fielded searches or full-text searching. Using full-text searching across the help desk database allowed us to find help desk calls on related topics, where the relationship might otherwise have been missed."

Premirus consultants made heavy use of the dtSearch Engine’s fuzzy search feature, turning it on by default to sift through typographical or spelling errors. "We turned fuzzy searching on automatically to account for mistypings." For system maintenance, Premirus liked dtSearch’s speed at index updates, as well as its automation capabilities. "We set the system to automatically update the indexes daily. The daily dtSearch index rebuild would take just a couple of minutes, including a few hundred new help entries."

Premirus consultants also note that while the system was developed as a combination help desk and knowledge base system, the same system could be used in numerous other contexts. "In this case, we also used the same system for inventory management of our PCs, printers, servers, etc., including work orders, etc. In future cases, the same system could work for custom relationship management, supplier relationship management, and much more."

Premirus has attained Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Program with competencies in Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, ISV/Software Solutions, and Networking Infrastructure, recognizing Premirus Corporation's expertise and total impact in the technology marketplace. As a Gold Certified partner, Premirus Corporation has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customers' needs. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners receive a rich set of benefits, including access, training and support, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

To contact Premirus Technologies Corporation for consulting work, please visit them on the Web at Or contact Kevin King of Premirus by email to or through his direct line at 866-431-1746.
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