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TeLLescope uses dtSearch Engine in Delivery of Documentation to Clients Such As Lotus Development Corp.

“dtSearch is a mature product”

“It's got lots of functionality. And it's been around through lots of versions, worked well, and is quite stable”
Cambridge Publications, Inc. (CPI) creates, manages, personalizes and delivers information to support its corporate customers' strategies and initiatives. CPI's solutions streamline complex projects, cut software learning time, and enable knowledge sharing and team collaboration.

One category of documentation that CPI produces is end-user documentation. This includes such items as online help, quick reference cards, training materials, tutorials, updates for new releases, and Web content. Another category of documentation that CPI produces is technical reference documentation. A sampling of the technical reference materials that CPI produces includes: system administration manuals, installation manuals, operations manuals, maintenance manuals, troubleshooting guides, glossaries, and reference manuals.

CPI also produces corporate documentation. This category refers to materials that affect the corporation as a whole. These can be for an external audience (for example, marketing materials and annual reports) or they can be for people within the organization (for example, human resource policies and financial reports). Sample corporate documentation that CPI handles are: business process methodologies, policy manuals, employee handbooks, executive summaries, sales presentations, white papers, journal articles, newsletters and brochures.

A key aspect of CPI's work is the mechanism of delivery. For this purpose, CPI developed a product called TeLLescope for distributing and viewing documentation, training materials and business process methodologies. Features of TeLLescope include the ability to present different types of views through a large body of materials. For example, CPI created a methodology for Lotus Development Corp. and used TeLLescope to distribute the material to business partners. As the search mechanism for TeLLescope, CPI chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. “dtSearch is a mature product,” said Michael Krigsman, President and CEO of CPI. “It's got lots of functionality. And it's been around through lots of versions, worked well, and is quite stable.” As for CPI's experience with integrating the dtSearch Engine into TeLLescope: “The dtSearch Engine's features have been thought through very carefully. It was easy to integrate.”

Finally, CPI liked the versatility of the dtSearch Engine. “We create entire toolkits of content using TeLLescope so it was very useful that the dtSearch Engine supports multiple file formats,” said Mr. Krigsman. “The dtSearch Engine gives CPI flexibility with regard to index creation, while allowing the user of TeLLescope to search through a broad range of file types.”

“We are very pleased to be incorporated into TeLLescope,” said Kate Tretter, Vice President of Marketing for dtSearch Corp. “CPI and TeLLescope clearly stand for first-rate documentation.”

For more information on TeLLescope or CPI's services generally, please contact CPI at (617) 739-1860, or fax (617) 277-9990. Or please visit CPI's Website at
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