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TradeFox Embeds dtSearch in Comprehensive Supply Chain Trade-Mapping Solution

“dtSearch’s ability to handle the growth of our global library content with excellent speed, and that powerful spider to index external library content, give powerful knowledge collection and delivery to our customers.”

dtSearch “delivers content with style.”
TradeFox web-based solution is an innovative compliance and visual supply chain-mapping tool for freight forwarders, customs brokers and local or cross border traders. TradeFox facilitates strategic planning for global trade and operations in real time, in accordance with international regulatory standards and customs regulations, with same day “same page” collaboration. TradeFox also identifies buyers and sellers of products and services and classifies them into their direct or indirect tiered trading levels, mapping them into their extended supply chains.

TradeFox lets you place traders of products or services you purchase from or sell to into five purchasing and marketing zones labeled imports, interstate, intrastate, local and exports covering products and the dependant services of air, road, rail or sea transport, customs brokers, freight forwarders, shipping agents, to cross border check points involving customs and permit agencies to outsourced warehousing and distribution used directly or indirectly by any trader in the supply chain.

TradeFox can be used to monitor inbound, district, or outbound trade in any country, city, town or other locality set by the trader as a supply chain accountable for trade. Compliance and security measures can be in place at the planning stages of business and for each company used in the extended supply chain. A trader can list each trading location of a company and the staff, down to photograph and record of last police check, involved in direct or indirect sales, purchasing and other logistic activities for local, import or export trade of raw materials, components or finished goods.

TradeFox’s extensive trade library provides access to trade rules for endangered species (CITES), illicit drugs, medicines, food standards, cosmetics, chemicals and the cross border movement of hazardous waste to other restricted or prohibited products ranging from defense equipment, weapons and dual use products, their components or production equipment that can be used to support terrorism.

While the global rules in TradeFox are inbound and outbound related to products, they can also be defined as rules that importers and exporters must comply with to trade locally in the majority of countries signatory to international treaties and agreements, e.g. World Trade Organization, ASEAN, APEC, NAFTA, European Union (EU).

Local traders can utilize TradeFox to align their business with competing imports within the global standards accepted by 140 nations, and demonstrate to governments that they are pro-active in global supply chain security. They can place themselves in a ready to import or export level of compliance to trade world-wide.

For searching within the vast TradeFox web-based database, TradeFox chose the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET. “We chose dtSearch because of its support people and quick answer to the smallest question,” said Doug Tozer, president, TradeFox. “dtSearch’s ability to handle the growth of our global library content with excellent speed, and that powerful spider to index external library content, give powerful knowledge collection and delivery to our customers. In the right hands it makes setting up search a breeze and delivers content with style. We will rely on dtSearch going forward to advance and support the user feature set for fingertip knowledge.”

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