InfoPreserve Embeds dtSearch in Cloud-Based Document Management Solution

“dtSearch gives users a powerful search engine”

“With dtSearch, users can have the power of e-discovery-like search for daily operations.”
InfoPreserve | Intelligent Document ManagementInfoPreserve understands that digital files and business emails are critical assets. “Shared documents drive productivity. Records management ensures regulatory compliance,” states InfoPreserve.

Both to drive productivity, and to help companies with regulatory compliance, InfoPreserve introduced its cloud-based document management application. “InfoPreserve’s system is so easy to use that you can learn it in minutes ... And, your environment will be up and running on the first day.”

Along with ease-of-use, key functionality in the InfoPreserve system includes: access controls; policy-driven retention management; deletion protection; custom tags, descriptions and notes; content authentication; and policy-driven workflow / shareablity.

Perhaps the most important feature in the InfoPreserve system, however, is security. “Files are housed in a private cloud, not in shared space rented from megavendors,” explains InfoPreserve. “Data stays within the U.S. and you can meet the people who administer our secure servers. Our top tier data center has a hardened perimeter, security guards, security cameras and biometric access controls.”

For searching documents, emails and email attachments, InfoPreserve has embedded the dtSearch Engine. “dtSearch gives users a powerful search engine to use in their everyday work,” says Infopreserve’s VP of Product Development. “With dtSearch, users can have the power of e-discovery-like search for daily operations.”

For more information on InfoPreserve and its cloud-based document management solution, please call them at (585) 542-4180, email, or visit InfoPreserve online at
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