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Modern Micro Imaging uses dtSearch to power Department of Transportation crash test safety database

“The speed was fantastic, virtually instanteous”

“The support team was fabulous.”
Modern Micro Imaging‚s mission is to help businesses connect their "old world" microfilm and paper documents with their modern digital counterparts. Recently, Modern Micro Imaging began incorporating the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine into solutions where customers needed text search and retrieval for the massive databases that Modern Micro Imaging would create.

One such massive database was the Department of Transportation (DOT) NHTSA crash test database. A mixture of text and images, the database includes crash test results from the automobile companies. "We picked dtSearch for this project because of the interface, the features, and the speed," said Doug Jones, Director, Computer Imaging Services, Modern Micro Imaging. "The speed was fantastic, virtually instantaneous."

Modern Micro Imaging also liked the simplicity of the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine searching API--and the ease with which it translated into an easy-to-use product for end-users. "The controls were easy to understand and use, for both in-house and for our customers," said Mr. Jones. "Training was virtually non-existent." Regarding dtSearch Corp., Mr. Jones added: "The support team was fabulous."

Founded in 1975, Modern Micro Imaging is located "inside the beltway" in the Washington D.C. area. Its internal service bureau processes hundreds of thousands of pages per day in document conversions using high-speed paper and microform scanning equipment. Its specialists are expert in the application of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), automatic indexing and manually-keyed bibliographic techniques for creating powerful document databases.

For more information on Modern Micro Imaging's services, please contact them by phone at (703) 534-1025, or by fax at (703) 536-5948. You can also visit their Web site at To see another Modern Micro Imaging / dtSearch case study, click here.
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