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ATS elects dtSearch for political redistricting database

“Database query alone would not do the trick. We needed the power of dtSearch.”

“dtSearch speed was very fast.”
ATS, or American Technology Services, Inc., is a full service systems integrator providing services to business, government and not-for-profit organizations. Services include: information technology consulting, systems analysis and design, integration services, and implementation services. ATS also provides operational support for clients that have no IS department or a limited IS staff.

ATS uses emerging technologies to provide its clients the advanced capabilities usually found in larger organizations, scaled appropriately for smaller organizations. Even in cases where its clients are small divisions of a larger organization, ATS finds that it can provide better services and more complete attention through its specialized focus.

Recently, a major political organization tasked ATS to organize a searchable legal database consisting of cases and other information about election redistricting. The material that ATS had to work with consisted of multiple tables and diverse documents. Even after combining all of the tables into a single database file, ATS found that conventional database querying would not provide the full feature set requested by the customer.

"Database query alone would not do the trick. We needed the power of dtSearch," said Alex Koludrovic, Vice President, Hosting Operations at ATS. ATS relied on such dtSearch features as stemming, phonic and fuzzy searching, as well as complex structured boolean queries. With regard to search speed over the resulting data set: "dtSearch speed was very fast."

ATS was voted for many years one of the top web design firms by Internet World Magazine. For more information about ATS and its hosting services, please call (703) 876-0300, email or visit ATS on the Web at
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