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Custom dtSearch Development & Hosting Services Independent Provider Listings

dtSearch Corp. gets frequent requests for dtSearch custom development work, which dtSearch Corp. is not set up to provide. dtSearch Corp. is now maintaining a list of individual developers and development companies interested in undertaking such projects.

The blue box indicates hosting as well as custom development of dtSearch Web-powered sites.

Note: dtSearch Corp. supplies these listings strictly as a courtesy to its customers. dtSearch Corp. is unaffiliated with all independent providers, and does not in any way guarantee, warranty or endorse any providers or their services.

While most of our custom developer listings are from US/Canada, dtSearch welcomes listing from all over the globe.
Europe: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, UK
Australia/New Zealand
Asia: China, Malaysia

Familiarity: dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET

Programming languages/platforms: Specializes in the .NET programming languages C# and VB.NET, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Javascript, SQL Server, Oracle, and Office development.

dtSearch projects: AppsPlus specializes in data-rich development projects, and has a 15-year track record of dtSearch Engine custom development projects for clients ranging from non-profits to multibillion dollar IT and telecom companies as well as government organizations like the Department of Defense.

Other: AppsPlus’ clients for software development include industries ranging from the government, insurance, banking, medical analysis even projects for Microsoft. Mr. Barker, a Microsoft MVP and former Microsoftie. A member of the original Access team, he is also the author of a number of books published by SAMS and Wrox Publishing on programming techniques using Microsoft Technologies.

Contegra Systems

Contact: Rob Wiesenberg
(914) 328-2269;

Case Study
Case Study

Case Study

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Engine, multiple platforms

Programming Languages: Specializes in .NET, Java Script, Java, C++, and C#

dtSearch Experience: Has used the dtSearch Engine in creating full-text searchable, integrated taxonomy, web-based and other systems for leading electronic publishers and industry groups. Contegra Systems has also developed an expertise in adding faceted search (i.e. the ability to dynamically filter search results by attributes) to dtSearch Engine implementations for e-commerce stores, content-rich websites and other applications. Contegra Systems has also developed a new server-side PDF hit-highlighting solution (as an alternative to the dtSearch hit-highlighting plug-in for Adobe Reader).

Other: Established in 1987, Contegra Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of data integration services featuring custom, full-text search, navigation, and text classification software. The company routinely transforms substantial, often massive collections of data-rich content into robust, user-friendly Web and other electronic products.


443-341-9705 x500
fax 443-341-5623

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study

Hosting as well as custom development of dtSearch Web-powered sites

Familiarity: dtSearch Web with Spider; dtSearch Engine

Programming languages: Specializes in Web-to-database programming.

dtSearch projects: Many, including a new dbConnector product that serves as a developer bridge between dtSearch and ODBC-compliant databases such as SQL on the one hand, and structured databases such as SQL and unstructured document data on the other. dbConnector makes connecting dtSearch with SQL databases and associated document data as easy as clicking through a wizard.

Other: Cybergroup, Inc. is a professional services firm with expertise in Internet and Intranet business strategy, Internet marketing communications, and Internet and Intranet technology solutions. Cybergroup provides a comprehensive range of Internet, Intranet, and Web site solutions and services, with a primary focus on Web to database integration.



Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study

Hosting as well as semi-custom development of dtSearch Web-powered sites

Familiarity: dtSearch Web with Spider; dtSearch Engine

Programming languages: C# .Net, PHP, SQL, VB, XML, SGML, HTML, JavaScript, Objective C/Swift

dtSearch projects: For over 10 years, GVPi has utilized dtSearch on a variety of subscription-based and public web sites. GVPi’s semi-custom publishing solution “PubPath” uses the dtSearch Engine to provide advanced search functionality. The subscription-based web sites are built using GVPi’s semi-custom solutions and hosted at its world-class hosting facility.

Other: A small business located in Virginia right outside of Washington DC, GVPi has actively supported its clients for over 25 years. The company’s semi-custom solutions fulfill all requirements without the limits of off-the-shelf platforms and the high expense of totally custom solutions. This approach is extremely beneficial to GVPi’s customers and is reflected in its high customer retention. In fact, GVPi’s average customer has been with the company almost 10 years. Customers include UL (Underwriters Laboratory), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), the Federal Reserve Board, Wolters Kluwer, the American Library Association, SAGE Publications and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.


Marc-Olivier Lifrange
+352 492420

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Web, dtSearch Publish, dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine,

Programming languages: Windows and .NET database and Web-based programming

dtSearch projects: Has integrated the dtSearch Engine into Web-based and other multilingual applications for some of Europe's largest institutions.

Other: Part of the Larcier Group, DBiT specializes in Web-based content management and streamlined e-publication in multilingual environments. DBiT sells out-of-the box knowledge management applications, including automatic classification systems or taxonomies, data mining and text retrieval. DBiT also provides a wide range of custom development services.

Graphic Sciences


Case Study
Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Web with Spider / Engine for Win & .NET

dtSearch projects: Graphic Sciences specializes in digital imaging, and has used dtSearch for multiple public libraries, government projects, etc.

Other: For more than 25 years, Graphic Sciences has been serving the information and image management industry. Graphic Sciences provides its clients with services including systems design and implementation, hardware and software sales, support and maintenance, and document conversion services including paper to microfilm, paper to digital, digital microfilm and image file format conversion.


Ellicott City, MD office
(410) 465-8744

Case Study
Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch product line for forensics and security work.

dtSearch projects: Worked on multiple forensics cases involving dtSearch. Also provides high-level training to US law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the private sector on matters relating to security and forensics.

Other: SYTEX specializes in forensic analysis of traditional computer systems and state-of-the-art devices such as handhelds, compact flash memory, digital cameras and voicemail systems. SYTEX is also well known for providing advanced intrusion response and forensic training to law enforcement organizations.

EVGET Software Solutions (China)

+86 23 66090381

dtSearch - API Documentation Search

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Web, dtSearch Engine

dtSearch projects: EVGET is a leading provider in China of software development solutions. As part of its products and services, EVGET maintains a large online API  documentation database. To search through this database, EVGET implemented the dtSearch Engine. Please feel free to visit EVGET's API documentation data collection and search using the dtSearch Engine.

Other: As a consultant, EVGET works with all types of enterprise information technology to provide specialized control project selection, technical support, product training, on-site implementation and custom development services.


+44 (0) 845 372 0103

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine, federated search and web search

Programming languages: .NET and MVC intranet, extranet and web development (C# specialists)

dtSearch projects: Library enterprise and federated search solutions covering internal and external text sources.

Other: Nunwood is a leading market and customer insight group. Nunwood operates worldwide, providing strategic planning and customer insights for national and global brands. The company is also the developer of the Altiar Enterprise Content Management platform. Please see for more information.


Fire Without Smoke Software Limited
+44 (0)29 2166 0177

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET

Programming languages: Specializes in .NET

dtSearch projects: FWOSS applied the dtSearch Engine in adding full-text searching to a large collection of rare 17th and 18th Century British and Irish newspapers.

Other: FWOSS specializes in creating market-leading content-rich websites.

Automated Graphic Systems (a Consolidated Graphics Company)

(301) 843-1800

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Web with Spider / dtSearch Publish

Programming languages: Specializes in Adobe PDF, Director, ColdFusion, SQL, Access, .NET, ColdFusion Flex, Ajax, Flash and other web based programming languages.

dtSearch projects: Has utilized dtSearch Publish to compile and streamline search abilities for portable data.

Other: Since 1975 Automated Graphic Systems (AGS) has been providing innovative printing and electronic solutions to customers. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits, universities and healthcare organizations. The company's products and services include offset and web printing, color digital printing with full variable imaging, print on demand, graphic design, composition, CD/DVD development, CD/DVD replication and duplication, internet development, website design and hosting, and mailing services.

Citadel NY

(212) 931-8830

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch product line, including developer products.

dtSearch projects: Citadel NY has added dtSearch to the portfolio of products they work with, including, for example, performing such services as customizing IIS security permissions to accompany a dtSearch Web or dtSearch Engine installation, and dtSearch Engine API development work.

Other: Citadel NY, Inc. specializes in IT products and services, information management, data enhancement, and business management services. Citadel NY is an SBA-certified Woman-Owned Small Business (SWOB) and State of New York - Empire State Development Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WOBE).

Densan Consultants

(613) 230-4073

Case Study

Hosting as well as custom development of dtSearch Web-powered sites

Familiarity: dtSearch Web, dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine

Programming languages: Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C Programming Language, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, PERL

dtSearch projects: Densan Consultants developed NewsLink to meet their client's demands for a flexible, cost-effective electronic media monitoring tool. The concept is simple. Clients subscribe to as many information providers as they wish. NewsLink then provides filters and procedures to integrate the content into a comprehensive, web-based system.

Other: Densan Consultants offers a full range of services for custom solution development.

EDI Solutions

Brad DeMaso
(916) 933-9646
fax (916) 933-7701 

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Web, Text Retrieval Engine

Programming languages: All applicable

dtSearch projects: EDI Solutions has used dtSearch products as part of its comprehensive approach to automating the electronic capture of virtually any paper report into a billing, electronic medical record system or custom archive module.

Other: EDI Solutions specializes in developing custom health care industry document solutions.


+ 41 21 / 613 21 11
fax + 41 21 / 613 21 00 

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine

Programming languages: Windows/.NET, Linux and other Web-based programming languages

dtSearch projects: Undertook a major project for an international organization, including the use of both the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET and the dtSearch Engine for Linux.

Other: A leading Swiss IT services company, ELCA has helped its clients successfully leverage information technology innovations for more than 30 years. ELCA currently has a workforce of more than 300 highly skilled engineers. Headquartered in Lausanne, ELCA has subsidiaries in Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Paris, London and Ho Chi Minh City.


+41 (0)44 220 11 00 

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine

Programming languages: .NET and other programming technologies, including C++, C#, Delphi and MS SQL.

dtSearch projects: NEXPERT developed and integrated an advanced document indexing and search tool, joining database information from a legal case management system and document information into the same search results.

Other: Law firms and financial services providers trust NEXPERT because they know that their IT partner should understand not only IT, but also their business. NEXPERT offers comprehensive services from one source.


N. America 1-800-722-2440
Europe +39-02-3180-771
Asia +852-2893-1551
Australia +61-2-8484-8999
Latin America +55-11-5543-5550

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine

Programming languages: All

dtSearch projects: For the US Department of Defense, ENSR worked on an application that compiles a set of scientific data, including experimental test results, scientific papers, and software model abstracts. After compilation,the US DOD and ENSR distributed the application on portable hard-drives, designed to enable easy access in the field, and to prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data.

Other: ENSR is an environmental consulting and engineering firm that provides a comprehensive range of services logically aligned with its clients’ asset management life cycle to help resolve complex environmental issues. Focused on the oil and gas, gas and electric utilities, transportation, manufacturing and government sectors, ENSR resolves demanding business challenges with innovative approaches to reduce costs, mitigate risks and liabilities, increase efficiencies and improve overall performance.


Contact: 303-247-0550

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET

Programming languages: Specializes in .NET

dtSearch projects: For one of its Fortune 50 clients, Imulus needed to deploy a web-based library of technical instruments data. Imulus chose the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET as the search engine for this technical library. 

Other: Headquartered in Boulder, Colorodo, Imulus® is an interactive agency specializing in helping customers find engaging ways to communicate their message.

Incept Consulting

(847) 477-9453

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET

Programming languages: Specializes in Microsoft products and the .NET platform

dtSearch projects: Incept’s customer, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA,, produces ClassIT 2.0, the online version of the NMFC directory. For over 70 years, the NMFC has been the Freight Classification Standard for both carriers and shippers.

Other: Incept Consulting is a Chicago-based technology integration and development company focusing on Microsoft products and the Microsoft .NET platform. Services include: Internet and Intranet application development, multi-tiered application development, security analysis, technical consulting, and technical project management. Incept’s company philosophy dictates that the best solutions for business usually do not require complete custom development, but rather the integration and modest customization of existing packaged products into the company IT infrastructure. This enables Incept to deliver high quality and feature rich solutions for minimal cost and effort.

Familiarity: dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET

Programming languages: Specializes in Microsoft-based programming

dtSearch projects: IntraNote has embedded the dtSearch Engine in IntraNote Portal Server® and DocuNote®. IntraNote Portal Server® is a portal solution that gives companies an operational intranet and/or extranet. DocuNote® combines the best of the EDRMS world in one standard product with high usability and intuitive navigation.

Other: IntraNote is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, certified as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for developing standard intranet and document management solutions. The gold certification as an ISV is the top certification in the Microsoft Partner Program.

InfoConnect Sdn Bhd

Lim Tong Pheng
(603) 7722 2001

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine

Programming languages: Web-based

dtSearch projects: Incorporated the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine into its Web-based Docuflo document management system to allow searching of a wide variety of content, with highlighted hits.

Other: Headquartered in Malaysia, InfoConnect has helped organizations of all sizes improve their business processes and profitability.

For specific contact information for Intergen's Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Sydney offices, please visit

Case Study

Hosting as well as custom development of dtSearch Web-powered sites

Familiarity: dtSearch Web with Spider; dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET

Programming languages: Specializes in Microsoft .NET programming

dtSearch projects: Implemented dtSearch Web / Engine functionality, including multi-site Spidering, for Local Government Online Limited portal.

Other: With offices in New Zealand and Australia, Intergen is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, with special recognition as an “elite business partner” for implementing solutions based on Microsoft products. Intergen offers a comprehensive range of services covering: business consulting, business analysis and project management, user interface design, software development and integration, web site design, technical architecture consulting, internet application and web site hosting, and facilities management.

RCC Consulting

Ron Crawford
fax (519) 856-2712

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Web, dtSearch Publish

Programming languages: specializes in Web-based development

dtSearch projects: see Case Study

Other: RCC Consulting is a Canadian consulting firm specializing in assisting customers in the Canadian government as well as the Canadian private sector in information management. The firm's services include digital signature, strategic & project planning and document management tools.

Remtech Services, Inc.,
A CIBER Company

Dr. Robert Baxter
Vice President
(757) 873-8733
fax (757) 873-8403

Case Study

dtSearch development tools: dtSearch Web, dtSearch Publish, dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine

Programming languages: Various authoring languages (Authorware, ToolBook, TCD, etc.), Javascript, and other Web-based programming languages

dtSearch experience: Implemented dtSearch in an extensive Web-based technical training site and companion training CDs for a US Government Agency.

Other: Founded in 1988, Remtech Services, Inc. (RSI) is a nationwide services company that successfully graduated from the SBA’s 8(a) and small business programs. Remtech operates as a subsidiary of CIBER, Inc. RSI has 600 employees working in 42 states throughout the United States. RSI's primary customer is the federal government.

Reditus Web Strategy Consulting

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Web, dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine

Programming languages: Specializes in Web-based programming

dtSearch projects: Reditus' client, (BBE), tasked Reditus with enhancing the high-end eyewear retailer's online shopping site to convert a higher percentage of sales. BBE's existing onsite search engine left a percentage of visitors unable to locate products that were, in fact, available on the site. Reditus upgraded the onsite search engine to dtSearch. The net result: Reditus' online site makeover resulted in a 50% increase in online sales transactions.

Other: Headquartered in New York, Reditus consultation services include: Web site review and analysis; Web development; business review and analysis; growth strategy formulation; and comprehensive e-commerce solutions.

Vision Internet

(888) 263-8847

Case Study

Familiarity: dtSearch Web, dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine

Programming languages: .NET and other Web-based programming technologies, including ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, XML, C++, C#, JavaScript, MS SQL, Oracle, and Access.

dtSearch projects: Vision Internet has implemented dtSearch in dozens of government websites for local governments across the United States.

Other: A Microsoft Certified Partner, Vision Internet is dedicated to providing a wide range of advanced solutions, with a focus on design and development of websites, intranets, eCommerce solutions, and custom web applications. In addition to serving every level of government, Vision Internet also serves education, corporate, and non-profit organizations.


MaximumASP, LLC

Hosting of dtSearch Web-powered sites

Note: This list is provided purely as a convenience to dtSearch customers. The addition of a developer to this list does not represent an endorsement or warranty of any kind by dtSearch Corp.

If you are interested in adding your name to the list, please submit your name and information to us. Or send an email to listing the equivalent information. Your name will be added to this page shortly.

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