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FTI Consulting Rings in dtSearch to Ringtail™ Web-Based E-Discovery Products and Hosted Solutions

“dtSearch is an industry leading keyword search application”

“We did a pretty thorough evaluation of search engines and dtSearch is clearly a best of breed tool with the best search engine API.”
FTI Consulting is a leading provider of Web-based legal and justice application technologies and services. The company's Ringtail product suite is comprised of a series of integrated and compatible modules to assist the legal practitioner at each stage of the legal process, from electronic discovery to trial presentation. The company also provides a range of legal-oriented services, such as SaaS hosting of litigation databases. In addition to some of the world's largest law firms, clients include 3M, Wyeth, UK Inland Revenue, the Australian Federal Courts, and the Canadian Department of Justice.

“Ringtail has a set of integrated modules that are designed to manage the materials and processes within a legal case to ensure quality, reduce risk and increase productivity in a cost effective manner. The use of advanced web technologies and techniques has made Ringtail a pioneer and leader in legal information management,” states a Ringtail white paper. “Ringtail has developed a framework for meticulous document tracking and validation. Ringtails advanced modules are designed to deal with the challenges of both traditional imaged materials and also of native electronic documents.”

After surveying the marketplace, Ringtail chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for full-text searching embedded in its product suite, and for use in searching through its SaaS-hosted legal data repositories. According to the Ringtail white paper: “dtSearch is an industry leading keyword search application that has been integrated into Ringtail.”

“We did a pretty thorough evaluation of search engines and dtSearch is clearly a best of breed tool with the best search engine API for our integration purposes,” adds a company representative. “Ringtail has found the dtSearch team to be responsive to the requirements of innovative product upgrades.”

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