dtSearch Publish

dtSearch Publish lets you quickly publish an instantly searchable document collection to CD, DVD or other portable media, or mirror an existing Web site to other portable media. (Requires Windows.)

  • dtSearch Publish uses a simple wizard-based setup to create the instantly searchable media.
  • For end-users, the media can run with zero footprint, requiring NO INSTALLATION on the end-user’s hard drive.
  • Because the dtSearch Publish setup actually runs dtSearch Web on the media, all dtSearch Web features (other than the Spider) are applicable to dtSearch Publish.
  • While highly customizable, dtSearch Publish also includes access to the dtSearch Engine programming API, as an alternative to the dtSearch Publish wizard.

dtSearch Publish

Content can consist of HTML, XML, PDF, "Office" files, or any other document type that dtSearch supports


dtSearch Web provides browser-based search access

dtSearch Publish DiagramdtSearch Publish Diagram