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  Application Development Trends:  Redmond Vendor Profile Q&A
  CodeProject: "set up dtSearch with an Entity Framework dataset and ... faceted search"

  CodeProject:  "turbo charge" searching "with dtSearch and Telerik UI for ASP.NET"
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dtSearch is pleased to announce the release of version 7.77 of the dtSearch product line.

PDF Hit-Highlighting Plug-In dtSearch Desktop/Network Upgrades
  • The upgrade is free for all licensed dtSearch Desktop/Network 7.x customers.
  • To obtain the upgrade, run dtSearch Desktop and click Help > Check for Updates > Check Now.
  • You can also download the current version here (no password required).  
Developer (dtSearch Web/Publish/Engine) Upgrades
  • dtSearch developer licenses by default include one year of support and upgrades.  Only dtSearch developer customers who are current for support and upgrades are licensed to download and use the new version.
  • If you are current on support and upgrades, you can download the new version
    here.  An installation password is required; please contact dtSearch if you need the password.
  • If you are not current on support and upgrades, please add an additional year of support and upgrades before downloading.  Please visit our upgrade store to renew a basic license, or contact dtSearch to renew a signed license.  (dtSearch Engine for Linux users, please contact dtSearch to renew your license.)
  • For any questions on your renewal status or the scope of your license, please contact dtSearch
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