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IMS/21 and e-DMS.NET Image Management System Adds dtSearch

“dtSearch was really quick ... We liked dtSearch's PDF support in particular, including support for PDF text behind the image OCR files.”

“We liked the ability to add custom fields ... For customers with millions of documents, we used dtSearch's fielded data support to add a custom filename link to data stored on an optical server.”
The mission of Vanguard Systems Inc. is to provide its corporate customers with the kind of competitive edge that comes from information management systems operating at peak efficiency. With more than ten years experience as a leader in mid-range and PC consulting, Vanguard has a large staff of full-time computer professionals, skilled in information systems applications for manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications, finance, insurance, construction, property management, and a long list of other industries.

Central to Vanguard’s product offerings is IMS/21, Image Management System for the 21st Century, and e-DMS.NET. IMS/21 and e-DMS.NET can eliminate or drastically reduce the problem of filing paper documents reliably, the time spent retrieving paper documents, and the cost of space to store paper files. The system combines advanced document image processing support for paper with document management functionality for existing computer files. As a comprehensive enterprise solution, it even adds support for linking images and files with iSeries 400 applications.

For searching within the IMS/21 and e-DMS.NET document repository, Vanguard chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. "dtSearch was really quick," said Joseph D. Roding, Vice President for R&D at Vanguard. "And it provided good API access in VB." For OCR’ed documents, Vanguard like dtSearch’s support for "hidden text" PDF files. "We liked dtSearch’s PDF support in particular, including support for PDF text behind the image OCR files."

In addition to full-text searching, Vanguard also used the dtSearch Text Retreival Engine APIs to provide extensive fielded data support for its IMS/21 and e-DMS.NET customers. "We liked the ability to add custom fields," noted Mr. Roding. Particularly for its largest customers, Vanguard found this field support an essential feature. "For customers with millions of documents, we used dtSearch’s fielded data support to add a custom filename link to data stored on an optical server."

Beginning with a comprehensive needs analysis, Vanguard works as members of a company’s data management team to plan and implement the best systems solution in the most cost-effective manner. From custom enhancements for existing systems, to long-term considerations like software packages, networking, and connectivity, Vanguard's professionals apply imagination to technology for results that usually exceed original requirements.

For more information on Vanguard Systems and IMS/21 and e-DMS.NET, please call (610) 891-7703, fax (610) 891-9117, email, or visit
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