ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS® Embeds the dtSearch Engine in Premium Media Monitoring Solutions

“dtSearch is extremely fast” “We can scan millions of text articles a day without causing any disturbance in the workflow.”

“I’m absolutely happy with dtSearch, nothing to add.” “dtSearch is very low-maintenance and reliable.”

Headquartered in central Europe, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS has more than 125 years of experience in the media and communications sector. Today, the company offers solutions for active media and public relations, media analysis and media monitoring – worldwide and across all channels.

ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS has a unique combination of digitally-acquired insights and human expertise. A team of around 660 employees in Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain provides clients with advice and assistance. The combination of digital and human expertise is what gives the company's clients an edge in turning media insights into actionable data.

"By For media monitoring, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS uses a custom application embedding the dtSearch Engine. "dtSearch is extremely fast," notes ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’ Development Department. "We can scan millions of text articles a day without causing any disturbance in the workflow." "I’m absolutely happy with dtSearch, nothing to add," notes the company’s Head of Search Management. "dtSearch is very low-maintenance and reliable," says the company’s IT Administration Department.

ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS media monitoring spans a vast ocean of online sources. "News sites and blogs are a very fast and highly relevant source for many target groups," remarks the company. "Keep your finger on the pulse of information and monitor your mentions and topics. With hand-curated media panels and constant source maintenance, you have a unique sample at your disposal for your communication controlling – to always keep an eye on your brand, your perception and your topics."

And of course ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS media monitoring spans a wide array of social media. "The number of social media channels is increasing at remarkable speed," notes the company. "The aim is to ensure sensible limits on the number of sources monitored while at the same time making the media selection as open as possible."

For more information on ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’ products and services, please call +49 30 203 987 0, email, or visit the company online at

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