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XLsoft Corporation
(0)3-5440-7875; fax (0)3-5440-7876;; dtSearch Product Line


EVGET Software Solutions
+86 23 66090381; fax +86 23 66090381;;; dtSearch Product Line

Idynamic Media Company Limited
(852) 35210792; fax (852) 30036403;;; dtSearch Product Line

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Greater China and Taiwan

Software Island (Taiwan)
Attn:  Norman Leung HK Mobile: +852 9101-7546; MO Mobile: +852 6545-0996; CN Mobie: +86 1381-6104-391; TW Mobile: +886 984-367-873;;


Bounga Solusi Informatika


Rania Resources Sdn. Bhd.
+603-83188228; fax +603-83187117;;


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South Korea

Hyubwoo Info. Tech. Co., Ltd.
822-855-0611; fax 822-855-0618;;; dtSearch Product Link

Worldwide Reseller and Distributors

If for any reason you can not quickly reach a particular distributor, please contact dtSearch Corp. directly.

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