Welcome/Introduction: dtSearch Web with Spider

Getting started. The Quick Start is a step-by-step introduction to indexing and searching. See the indexing overview for more technical details on how dtSearch works and tips for using dtSearch effectively.

Setting up dtSearch Web on Windows Server / IIS. See the dtSearch Web Quick Start for instructions to set up dtSearch Web searching on your web site.

PDF hit-highlighting plug-in. dtSearch can highlight hits in PDF files inside Adobe Reader using a free plug-in that is available for download. See also how to use dtSearch Web with PDF files.

Advanced search. The forensics page covers topics such as options for email searching, handling of encrypted PDFs, and credit card searching.

Technical articles. See dtSearch Support for many other technical articles on working with dtSearch products.

Serial numbers. dtSearch generates a serial number automatically when it is installed. To see your serial number, run dtSearch and click Help > About.

Updates. dtSearch purchases include free updates for a minimum of one year. Subscribe to dtSearch upgrade notices. Also, to check for new versions, or to enable automatic update checking, run dtSearch and click Help > Check for Updates...

Replacement downloads. Please contact dtSearch or email sales@dtsearch.com if you have lost your original dtSearch download and need a replacement.Ā