California Criminal Defense Specialist and Litigation IT Expert Adds dtSearch To Seminars and Practice

“I picked dtSearch because I could use it right out of the box.”

“The ability to index government websites is also invaluable.”
Daniel Horowitz, Esq. has turned to dtSearchDaniel Horowitz, Esq., aka "Hurricane Horowitz," is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist who combines street smarts with an intellectual creativity that is legendary. Specializing in White Collar criminal defense, Mr. Horowitz works with a team of the nation's finest investigators, paralegals and associate attorneys to prepare the necessary defense.

Mr. Horowitz specialty is complex cases, such as lead counsel on a 42 defendant conspiracy case. To work on such complex cases, and to find the time that Mr. Horowitz does to lecture and write extensively on the subject of criminal law, Mr. Horowitz has turned (among other things) to dtSearch.

From a recent Mr. Horowitz lecture to over 100 attorneys: Imagine that you have 10,000 pages and you tell your paralegal, find all the pages where the client 'Coria' is associated with 'Heroin'. Six months later, your paralegal will come back with a stack of papers and he probably will have missed a bunch of pages as well. Enter dtSearch. According to Mr. Horowitz: "I picked dtSearch because I could use it right out of the box. For more complex instructions, technical support was free, readily available and fast. I've enjoyed indexing my entire hard drive so that I can easily locate motions that I did on previous cases. I mean, how many times have you known that you've briefed an issue but you just can't remember on which case ..."

With regard to dtSearch's Spider functionality, Mr. Horowitz also added: "The ability to index government websites is also invaluable. They contain a wealth of information but their indexing is usually weak. Now I don't care, I just use dtSearch."

For more information on Mr. Horowitz and his defense services, please call 510-444-4888. You can also visit his Web site at A recent interview with Mr. Horowitz is also available here.
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