Contegra Transplants dtSearch Into Physicians’ Reference Sites

“dtSearch also works better with the XML environment that we set up for maintaining our clients' sites."

Even with “smart XML” overhead, “dtSearch search response time is great.”
Contegra’s implementation of dtSearch improves search results and includes taxonomy for future queriesContegra Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of data integration services, specializing in the design and implementation of text retrieval, taxonomies and classification systems.

"We switched over to dtSearch because the implementation was very straightforward. dtSearch also works better with the XML environment that we set up for maintaining our clients’ sites," said Rob Wiesenberg, President, Contegra Systems.

Mr. Wiesenberg also likes the flexibility of the dtSearch Engine for linking to an extensive taxonomy. "The glue that we’ve done is synchronizing the taxonomy to the full-text search capabilities of dtSearch."

Contegra’s implementation of dtSearch also made use of Contegra’s "smart XML" format to give users the ability to pinpoint search results sets. Under Contegra’s "smart XML" format, a user could limit a search to tabular data, chapters or even images. Even with "smart XML" overhead, adds Mr. Wiesenberg, "dtSearch search response time is great."

Finally, Contegra synthesized document retrieval with taxonomy at the end of a dtSearch search process. "When a user retrieves a document, the retrieval process automatically synchronizes with the taxonomy," says Mr. Weisenberg. "For example, a search for women and high blood pressure not only retrieves the relevant documents, but provides the taxonomy context where they come from. In this way, it is easy for the user to quickly retrieve other relevant data from the same taxonomy section."

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