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“dtSearch allows our customers to instantly retrieve information from terabytes of data, across  all popular file types.”

“The dtSearch APIs were ideal for our engineering team to tightly integrate into our product.”
Announcing GFI Archiver Comprehensive Business Archiving Solution Embedding the dtSearch® Engine

GFIGFI Software™, an award-winning global provider of business software and a longtime Microsoft® Gold ISV Partner, and dtSearch, a leader in enterprise and developer text retrieval products for instantly searching terabytes of text across a wide variety of data types, announce GFI Archiver embedding the dtSearch Engine. GFI Archiver is the one-stop business solution for archiving, business intelligence, backup, compliance, eDiscovery – even data leak prevention.

GFI Archiver offers comprehensive support for not only emails and a wide range of file types, but also calendar entries and the like. Businesses can maximize business intelligence and efficiency by sharing files between users and storing them centrally and safely, without depending on online storage providers. For optimal compliance management, GFI Archiver archives emails and files in their original state – in a central, tamper-proof store – to help with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations.

Features of GFI Archiver include: MailInsights reports to help identify potential security breaches, legal risks and productivity issues by extracting key data from email archives; Data Leakage Detection Reports to identify emails containing sensitive information; and Communications Flow Reports depicting the flow of communications across the business.

“GFI Archiver offers extra control, choice and flexibility over how you manage and access your company’s most important source of information – your archive history,” explains GFI. “Archiving is a better solution than any backup service since users can search for the items themselves.”

For text searching within GFI Archiver, GFI chose the dtSearch Engine for Windows. “dtSearch allows our customers to instantly retrieve information from terabytes of data, across all popular file types. The dtSearch APIs were ideal for our engineering team to tightly integrate into our product.”

“Apart from its easy integration and customization capabilities, dtSearch offers excellent performance, reliability and scalability.” As a global software provider, GFI also welcomed the dtSearch Engine’s international language support. “Having multi-language support is also a great benefit, given our international customer base.”


About GFI, gfi.com
GFI Software™ develops quality IT solutions that enable businesses to monitor, manage and secure their networks with minimal administrative overheard. Serving an expanding customer base of tens of thousands of companies, GFI focuses on scalable communications and security platforms comprising network security, web management, anti-spam, patch and vulnerability management, faxing and archiving solutions. GFI is a channel-focused company with thousands of partners worldwide. The company has received numerous awards and industry accolades, and is a longtime Microsoft® Gold ISV Partner.

About dtSearch, dtsearch.com
The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991, the dtSearch product line instantly searches terabytes of text. Along with enterprise and developer text retrieval, the company has its own document filters, offering parsing, extraction, conversion and searching of a broad spectrum of data formats. Supported data types encompass databases, static and dynamic website data, popular “Office” formats, compression formats and emails (including the full-text of nested attachments). dtSearch products meet some of the largest-capacity text retrieval needs in the world, and have received hundreds of excellent case studies and press reviews. (Please see dtsearch.com for these.) The company has distributors worldwide with coverage on six continents.
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