OSCN Uses dtSearch for Instant Web-Based Searching of Enormous Legal Database

“Searching is pretty much instantaneous”

“dtSearch is the best performance product by a long way”
OSCNOklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN) has an enormous legal research database, spanning Oklahoma legal documents, Wyoming legal documents, and even federal case materials. When OSCN decided to upgrade their Web-based search engine, they chose to install the dtSearch Engine for full-text searching of their immense database.

"dtSearch is the best performance product by a long way. Searching is pretty much instantaneous," said an OSCN representative. For its architecture, OSCN used an SQL backend. "dtSearch was the easiest to integrate ... Working with dtSearch was wonderful!" "The New OSCN, with greatly improved search capabilities, easier access to information, and larger and more complete databases is now on line," announced the OSCN Web site. "OSCN's new search engine is one of the most powerful in existence ... Learn to use it ... it is one of the most important tools available to help you in your legal practice." From Government Technology: "Sifting through legal databases with pages of online documents can be cumbersome despite the search functionality available in many legal databases — but the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN) has found a tool to simplify legal searches." dtSearch "enables full-text searches through the database for locating specific documents more quickly."

OSCN has been provided by the Oklahoma Supreme Court free of charge since 1998 as a service to the public, bench, and bar of Oklahoma. Oklahoma was the first state to move to the internet and provide a true legal research source, and OSCN is still the most complete service of its kind in the nation.

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