Online Advertising Playbook Writer Relies on dtSearch

“I couldn’t have written the book without dtSearch.”

“dtSearch ... was invaluable.”
The Online Advertising PlaybookThe Online Advertising Playbook: Tested Tactics and Proven Strategies from the Advertising Research Foundation is a comprehensive guide to the world's most important advertising medium. The Online Advertising Playbook speaks directly to marketers, brand managers, agency leaders, and entrepreneurs, providing effectiveness metrics, creative principles for online advertising, and much more.

The Advertising Research Foundation's combined membership represents more than 325 advertisers, advertising agencies, research firms, media companies, educational institutions, and international organizations. Steve Rappaport, Director of Knowledge Solutions at the Advertising Research Foundation, and principal author of The Online Advertising Playbook, found dtSearch “invaluable” in research.

“I couldn't have written the book without dtSearch,” said Mr. Rappaport. “It helped me search through a couple of thousand articles, white papers, news clips, etc., finding the right ones for whatever I was writing at the time. Of course that's child's play for dtSearch, but it was invaluable.”

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