Pythagoria Develops International Language API Overlay for dtSearch Engine Developers

“Our international language extension APIs integrate with the dtSearch Engine APIs both at the point of indexing and the point of searching.”

“dtSearch Engine offers great search speed.”
Pythagoria has developed EvidenSSE SDK, a full NLP layer covering semantic and cross-language searching for a wide range of European languages plus Arabic (with even more languages under development). EvidenSSE SDK interfaces with the dtSearch Engine for Windows and/or the dtSearch Engine for Linux via a SOAP or RestFull webservice.

Pythagoria International language features available via Pythagoria’s API for dtSearch Engine developers include:
  • Suggested auto-complete of search requests based on a natural language model generated from the specific documents in an index
  • Cross-language search through translation
  • International  language semantic searching
  • Direct integration of the dtSearch Engine's built-in faceted searching with named-entity recognition and other advanced international language morphological categorizations.
"We have strived to make our APIs as flexible as possible," explains Pierre-Yves Thomas, principal, Pythogoria.  "And we have strived for optimal synergies with the dtSearch Engine's built-in APIs.  Our international language extension APIs integrate with the dtSearch Engine APIs both at the point of indexing and the point of searching.  For example, the dtSearch Engine offers great search speed, which enabled us to add a request analysis module offering international language 'search as you type' functionality."

For working with these data sets, Mr. Cosgrave chose dtSearch.  “I have been using dtSearch for working with large data sets in humanitarian evaluations for the last five years, and it is an essential tool for working with such large sets of documents. dtSearch allows me to quickly process thousands of documents, and then to search them with sophisticated searches to find documents dealing with specific issues.”

Based in Luxembourg, Pythagoria provides text mining and knowledge management consulting services and solutions, including custom dtSearch Engine integration work.  For more information, please call them at +352 6 61 21 19 54, email, or visit them online at
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