AppsPlus Applies dtSearch Engine .NET API to Project for US Government Agency

“Storing the indexes to use in XML configuration files made it is easy for the client to control (in terms of classification level, etc.) indexes available in response to a particular query.”

“dtSearch’s .NET API made it easier then ever to develop the solution for this AppsPlus client.”
appsplusMVP Microsoft Most Valuable ProfessionalAppsPlus has been developing quality database solutions for over 14 years, and working with dtSearch for 5 years. Their clients for search and software development include industries ranging from the government, insurance, banking, medical analysis — even projects for Microsoft.

Recently, AppsPlus was approached by a large federal government agency to come up with a simple yet elegant solution for searching through vast quantities of documents such as PDF, Word and Excel Document, and Access databases. The agency wanted the interface to be easy to use and understand for those who “are in the trenches, and don’t necessarily have a computer science degree” to be able to retrieve the information they want simply and quickly.

For this project, AppsPlus chose the dtSearchText Retrieval Engine .NET API combined withthe .NET Windows Forms and C#. Scott Barker,the developer of the system, had this to say: “Storingthe indexes to use in XML configuration filesmade it is easy for the client to control (interms of classification level, etc.) indexesavailable in response to a particular query.dtSearch’s .NET API made it easier thenever to develop the solution for this AppsPlusclient.”

Mr. Barker, a former Microsoftie and currentMicrosoft MVP, is the author of a number of bookspublished by SAMS on Access, including Database Programming with Visual Basic®.NET and ADO.NET: Tips Tutorials and Code. Scott’s two latest books by Wrox Publishing are Beginning InfoPath 2003 and Microsoft Visual C# Express Starter Kit.

For more information on AppsPlus and their custom database solutions, please call 206-369-7309 or email Mr. Barker at You can also visit AppsPlus on the Web at
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