Online Research Library Embeds dtSearch for Bank of America

“The Bank of America project required
ultra-fast searching.”


“dtSearch has now become our number one search indexing solution for a multitude of global clients.”
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Now the KPMG Nunwood Excellence Centre ("Nunwood"), Nunwood is a leading market and customer insight group. Nunwood operates worldwide, providing strategic planning and customer insights for national and global brands.

The following is excerpted from the press release regarding a project for Bank of America:

Global banking giant [Bank of America] has commissioned Nunwood to develop an online research library to improve the communication of key insights and guide business strategy from within.

[Bank of America] which is undergoing a pivotal cultural shift from a phone based service to a web based content delivery process, has commissioned the project ...

[Quoting a Bank of America contact:] “As a global organization we invest heavily in research, but this is not always shared and utilized effectively. As well as building us a new online library, Nunwood will be using its expertise to ensure the business buys into the new system and starts to utilize all the resources available.”

For searching within the Bank of America online research library, the Centre chose the dtSearch Engine for Windows. “The Bank of America project required ultra-fast searching across all Office document types and PDF files within the solution."

“dtSearch provided this and was extremely easy to setup and integrate." Additionally: “dtSearch has now become our number one search indexing solution for a multitude of global clients.”

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