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dtSearch Reviews & Press Quotes

dtSearch “covers all data sources ... powerful Web-based engines for searching across lots of data.
— eWEEK Labs

dtSearch offers “impressive searching power … handles more than a terabyte of text in a single index.” “A bevy of advanced search options and ways to manage indexes … I always found the document I wanted, in less than one second.”
— Network World
dtSearch product line upgrade was subsequently included in the Network World slideshow for New Products of the Week

“Windows Azure SQL Database does not support the CONTAINS keyword. CONTAINS is important because it supports searches for precise or fuzzy (less precise) matches to single words and phrases, words within a certain distance of one another, or weighted matches ... My goal was to be able to find records in the database table, searching in all columns and in all rows quickly and efficiently.” “dtSearch is a product that allows you to accomplish this goal ... Building upon the example in this post, you should be able to create applications that are capable of lightning quick full-text searches.
— CodeProject (“Windows Azure SQL Database Development with the dtSearch Engine)

dtSearch “will help you pick a needle out of a haystack … wade through lots of bits and bytes in a hurry.
— NBC4, Digital Edge

dtSearch voted “Best Product” for Components-Search

People's .NET Choice Award

dtSearch "offers excellent indexing options and searches many types of data (files, folders, websites, Outlook, and­using APIs­databases); provides instant search results ... RECOMMENDATION: dtSearch is geared toward users who really need to search large numbers of documents and data, and for users who need complete control over indexing and search functionality."  "For anyone surrounded by mountains of data and documents, dtSearch is a must-have solution."
— Windows IT Pro
Awarded "5 out of 5" Rating

“Using dtSearch, an investigator can see the whole vocabulary in the index offering a tremendous advantage in the investigation.”  “'dtSearch is a phenomenally potent evidentiary extraction search tool' … 'Using dtSearch with the forensics software, I can carve out the unallocated space just like a regular file, then recover the individual files, whether they are text files or spreadsheets, deleted files, word processing files … and put them all into an index.'”
— EContent
(“The Truth is in There: Sleuthing for Data with Digital Forensics”)
dtSearch has been awarded a position on the EContent 100 List of companies that matter most in the digital content industry.

dtSearch “performs complex searches that other programs can't even imagine.”
— PC Magazine (comparison of search products)

“Here in the pages of COTS Journal we report on the latest technologies having utility in military and aerospace applications … Here are my favorite … [dtSearch] can construct indexes of your disk and directories, Outlook PST files, network drives, and even remote websitesallowing you to perform powerful searches with keywords, fuzzy logic, case sensitivity, wild card, date ranges and other metrics.”
— COTS® Journal (COTS Editorial)

“dtSearch is the clear winner as a means to locate documents and text within those documents.” “Searching with dtSearch ... is more intuitive ... and faster too ... dtSearch was more than twice as fast [at indexing] and provides better information about located files. It also makes better use of the Windows environment.”
— Law Office Computing (“Software Shoot-Out”)
Editor’s Choice

“I started searching for software that could help me locate stuff on my hard drive. Voila! I found [dtSearch].”
“The results are amazing ... [dtSearch Corp.] also markets the core of their software in the form of the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine.”
Midrange Systems (e-Business)

“dtSearch Web powers large sites ... and includes programmable APIs that support multiple programming languages.”
— Web Techniques

“Text Mining: dtSearch ... Addressing this issue of unstructured data is dtSearch ... a tool for indexing, searching and retrieving free-form text files. What makes dtSearch so interesting is the capability of its search process, which goes far beyond the usual word search offered by most text editors and word processors ... dtSearch is an ideal tool for bringing order to this collection of useful material ... dtSearch delivers a powerful text mining engine that is effective because of the level of intelligence it displays.”

“dtSearch is really stable, has lots of nice features, generally beats the pants off of [a major competitor].”

“If you’re looking for a superior full-text search engine for your next development project, CodeHound recommends you check out dtSearch.”
— CodeHound (newsletter)

“dtSearch is fully programmable from your Visual Basic applications no more shelling out to separate programs to find files!”
— VB Bible (IDG Books)

“A fantastic program.” dtSearch now “lets you expand your research across multiple web sites. This is a great program and it keeps getting better.”
— The Docket

“dtSearch is a clear winner.”
— Legal Times

“dtSearch Offers High-Speed Terabyte Search ... The key to dtSearch's split-second speed is that it builds an index to store the location of each word.”
— InformationToday

dtSearch “has an excellent pedigree ... My Consultant colleague was completely bowled over by the product and I am sure it will become his tool of choice ... I was delighted to find that dtSearch allows for keyword indexing of the file and can search all meta-data that is provided.”
— Journal of Information Science

dtSearch searches “at blinding speed” and offers “a built-in spider that can search Web-based content.”
— CRN (Product Spotlight)

dtSearch “is a must-have tool for anyone reviewing electronic information in native format ... dtSearch reduces costs of document production, narrows a collection to key electronic files for a document production vendor and copies files to an alternate repository for in-house native file production.”  
— Law Office Computing

dtSearch “aims to answer the search challenge with its enterprise and developer text retrieval software product line, applications specifically designed for searching through vast volumes of data collected in data centers.”
— Processor Magazine (“dtSearch Makes Data Center Searches A Cinch”)

“Creating an index lets dtSearch perform basic searches with a speed that’s close to instantaneous ... dtSearch also shows off its power with a great range of optional search features ... dtSearch’s reporting capabilities are also impressive ... If you ever face a real file-search emergency, make the call to obtain dtSearch.”
— Computer User Online

“dtSearch is a relatively unique enterprise search product that is easily implemented; a fool could set up and use dtSearch, and any moderately experienced developer could implement the search libraries in a program ... intuitive and powerful ... incredibly speedy.”
— The Jem Report

“We [at] now have a fully working, self index maintaining search engine. (Thanks again to dtSearch for a great help file, and product.) What are you waiting for? Go on, use it … its at the top of every page, helping you search for any content you may be looking for.”
— Dev Tool Cafe

dtSearch is “a desktop search engine on steroids. ... pretty powerful stuff.”
— Geek News Central

“Ipro [a dtSearch Engine customer]. dtSearch. Adobe [article discusses PDF format].  Solid names with a long-established history in litigation support.”
— Law Technology News
(posted at

dtSearch “is simply the best search tool available ... I simply cannot begin to imagine doing any search of electronically stored information without having dtSearch in my forensic toolbox ... The ROI for dtSearch is practically as fast as the search results.”
— American Bankruptcy Institute Journal

“In our experience, we have found that dtSearch is a robust, highly configurable indexing and searching tool for electronic documents and many types of e-mail, including Microsoft Outlook.  dtSearch also makes the engine available to developers to allow users to create added functionality if necessary.”
— Handbook of Digital Forensics and Investigation

dtSearch “is the most powerful document search tool on the market.
— Wired Magazine
Awarded top “Splurge” rating

“The explosion of digital data has made vast amounts of information accessible with just a few keystrokes, yet finding what you are looking for in all those documents can be a challenge.  So, software developer dtSearch Corp. is looking to help professionals combat this problem via the company’s text retrieval and full-text search engine.”
— InfoTech Feature

“The growth in demand for versatile search tools has been good news for dtSearch, a leading provider of search software to corporate users, as well as software vendors that embed dtSearch in their products … The newest version of the products includes native 64-bit support and improved international language support through Unicode.”
— Processor
(“The Scoop on Search”)
Product of the Week

“Searching across a wide range of computer and vertical market publications resulted in a collection of highly positive reviews and high ratings for dtSearch from respected publications ... Standard corporate applications include access to and retrieval of global information files ... dtSearch also provides text search capabilities for organizational databases running under SQL, Access, Oracle, and any ODBC-compliant database software.  The indexed resources may reside within different organizational units and can even include networked remote resources in other cities.  dtSearch supports both global searching and searches of selected resources and groupings.”
— ONLINE Magazine

“Document search can help businesses rise above their competitors ... dtSearch’s toolset makes it possible to use different metadata combinations, classify data and drill down to specific data subsets.”
— BizReport

“CloudNine is a cloud-based product used for e-discovery and investigation” and “uses dtSearch as its search software.  ‘It indexes very quickly ... and handles a range of file types from e-mail to documents and database information.’”
— KM World (article on legal applications)

“dtSearch, an indexing application typically used as a forensic tool ... excels at indexing your case information to be searched on the fly ...  dtSearch not only indexes large datasets but it can also create reports of the searches, export the files found, and even highlight the key words found.”
— Cybercrime Case Presentation

"Officials decide to implement SmartSearch, which uses the dtSearch Engine to simplify document retrieval."  The result:  SmartSearch "has made searching for relevant documents easier," and the town clerk "estimates that she saves about 15 hours a week."
— KMWorld ("Streamlining access to police, court and other government documents")

“dtSearch can be used on its own or, alternatively, its text-retrieval engine can be integrated with document-management software ... I have been using dtSearch for a few weeks now and have found it very useful in managing the ‘information overload.’ I particularly value the ability to search across database as well as word-processed files.”
— SA Computer Magazine, Awarded Five Stars

“Look High, Look Low, or Let dtSearch Have a Go ... Trying to gather information from all over the map? dtSearch scours your disks for text within Office-type files old and new ... Installation is breezy. The program is simple to use, and results are swift.”
— CP Universe

"Document management vendor Filehold strengthens search capability by embedding dtSearch engine." "'dtSearch has been an important part of our product from the beginning ... It has been evolving and with this it has finally been perfected.'”
— (discussing FileHold embedding the dtSearch Engine)

“If you need to search through high volumes of data, this is the way.”
— The Data Bus

“Regardless of what DMS you end up creating or buying, I would suggest that you give some thoughtful consideration to a full-text indexing system such as dtSearch ... I can tell you that there is no task too big for dtSearch ... You can choose to install dtSearch apps at each server and workstation.  Alternatively ... you can install a .NET version on your servers which is accessible by a Web browser throughout your organization.”
— TechnoLawyer Newsletter

dtSearch is “truly good.”
— Electronic Composition & Imaging

“dtSearch is the most powerful general purpose search engine out there.”
Editor in Chief, Visual Developer Magazine

“Searching for Waldo”: The dtSearch Engine “could rapidly lookup various words in the various code files ... seems to have more horsepower behind it than” its competitor. “Also impressive was the dtSearch’s Engine ability to index so many different file types, and then display it all in HTML with hit navigation.”
— Boise Software Developer’s Group (presentation)

dtSearch provides “top-notch searching tools.”
— Computer Shopper

“dtSearch, a powerful commercial product ... The best commercial product to date for translators and translation companies would appear to be dtSearch.”
— (revised article adapted from an earlier article that appeared in Language Today)

  “For finding data on my office systems, I use dtSearch.”
— California Lawyer

“The Web site’s dtSearch Engine allows visitors to search the text for key words and topics.”
— The Jerusalem Post

“Site Puts Ancient Hebrew Texts Online … collection includes more than 15,000 volumes of rare and out-of-print works … The dtSearch Engine allows visitors to search within document collections with more than one language … The search engine provides dozens of search options, with Unicode support for hundreds of languages, and can display Web-based documents with links and images.”
— Information Week (describing usage of the dtSearch Engine)

dtSearch’s “latest release also includes a 64-bit engine for Windows and .Net that allows users to integrate with other Web-based applications. International language support is accomplished through Unicode, which spans hundreds of international languages.”
— Information Week (“The Weekly Watch On Content Management”)

“dtSearch has helped businesses meet some of the largest-capacity text retrieval needs in the world and has developed a portfolio of tools that meet the specific data management requirements of any sized business operation.”
— Processor Magazine (“Letting Information Drive Business”)

“Advanced key word searches require the use of an index tool with a fully developed search capability, such as dtSearch.”
— Lexology (“Critical e-discovery obligations and processes: a case law primer”)

“One product that I am hot to trot about is dtSearch Desktop, the search tool I use just about every day. It’s a terrific tool for finding files based on the data inside the files.”
— PC (column)

“There’s one option ... that I, as a tech journalist, could really warm to: Using a Knowledge Management system OEM’d from dtSearch ... it can index documents anywhere in your file system.”
— eWeek (analysis)

“Forensic Toolkit ... has significantly more powerful and efficient text-search functionality, thanks to dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine integration.  Integrating dtSearch eliminates the need to buy a separate text-search tool.” “If that’s not one of your incident-response applications, dtSearch ... is a necessity.”
— Network Computing (discussing Forensic Toolkit embedding dtSearch)

“Intuitive and austere ... dtSearch does extensive, intricate searching accurately and efficiently ... a superb search tool.”
— PC World

“But what if you want to look for the information inside your files? In that case, you need dtSearch, a text-retrieval program that can look for specific words stored inside a wide range of formats, including Word, Excel, dBASE, Zip, PDF, HTML, XML, email, and Unicode files.”
— Computer Power User

“As far as search capabilities, few products of any kind are as comprehensive as dtSearch ... If you want the most power possible, give dtSearch a good, long look.”
— PC Magazine

“dtSearch is an intelligently conceived, versatile program with a superior repertoire of text retrieval capabilities ... exceptional search functionality.”
— Library Technology Reports

“dtSearch helps companies find information in text-based documents quickly and efficiently ... The addition of comprehensive XML technology into the search engine has put it in position to tap the growing business-to-business e-commerce market ... the selling point was the search engine’s ability to cover the gamut of features customers would want when they search.”
— Computerworld Canada

“dtSearch makes a fast search engine for text data ... A search on ‘guinea fowl’ on my desktop, for example, pulls out 48 documents containing those silly birds from the nearly 100,000 that I indexed in less than a second ... I also took a look at the dtSearch engine from a programmer’s point of view ... If you need wide-ranging search capabilities in your own application, their Text Retrieval Engine package is definitely worth considering.”
— Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online

“dtSearch The Ultimate Search Machine ... more quickly than you can spill your coffee, any document matching your request will appear ... This one is fast, easy and a pleasure to use.”
— dataBASE d-ZINE

“dtSearch ... offers a much better solution ... dtSearch's offers a robust search engine with a comprehensive Win and .Net API.   dtSearch's engine can connect to any file system, including Web content, and it is not limited to a page count.  Solution providers can build custom interfaces, integrat[ing] the engine with any custom application.”
— CRN (“Google Mini Comes Up Short”)

“Contegra Systems, which specializes in the design and development of Web sites for online information publishers and other search-centric applications, announced that it has developed faceted search for its Kaleido Search offering by integrating dtSearch APIs.”
— KM World (describing OEM integration of dtSearch)

dtSearch is “an exceptionally powerful and refined search tool. It can create multiple indexes of all my documents and it can perform searches using one or more indexes. It is far easier to use than Google Desktop and far more precise.”
— Canadian Healthcare Technology, Technology for Doctors

“A quality database product ... This product is a runaway success in the text retrieval software genre, for both Windows and Linux platforms ... Web access capability provides a cross-platform interface for the variety of operating systems and Web browsers that presently exist. In this way, a corporate or governmental organization supporting a mixture of hardware platforms can use the organizational intranet or the Internet and have easy access to the shared information resources.”
— Information Today

“That’s an easy one: dtSearch. This incredible tool has more applications than anything that I have worked with in 30+ years as a technical specialist. More magazines and news groups than any product that I am aware of have also recognized it.  Several of the authors in this book have mentioned dtSearch as a valuable part of their forensics toolkit as well.”
— Techno Security's™ Guide to E-Discovery and Digital Forensics (FAQ section, by the authors of the book)

“Web site currently houses more than 5.5 million pages of scanned newspaper articles and photographs from the 1830s through 2005.”  dtSearch “leveraged both the OCR text and the original scanned images in its indexing and search process.”  The product “‘scales excellently. It’s just as quick with 5 million pages as 5,000 pages’ … ‘The ability to do fuzzy searches is key when you’re OCRing old newspapers from microfilm because of the poor quality of the original paper and/or quality of the microfilming.’”
— Processor Magazine (describing's dtSearch installation)

“Once you’ve collected all of your information — and in today's world, we’re probably talking about terabytes … you’ve got to organize it … This is generally an industrial task … specialized indexing and searching programs can help with this (I’m partial to dtSearch).”
— Techno Security's™ Guide to E-Discovery and Digital Forensics
(“Digital Forensics:  An Overview”)

“dtSearch has an extensive product line for searching terabytes of text ... I used dtSearch at MSD / Lockheed Martin to search for resumes, past performances, proposal boilerplate, and ... RFPs.” — Proposal Management

“dtSearch is a widely used indexing/searching tool.” “Building Structured Searches ... Now we will look at using a structured methodology for building searches. We will work with dtSearch syntax.”
— The Organization of Professionals' OLP eJournal (“The Best-Kept Secrets to Using Keyword Search Technologies”)

“These days, legal research is one of the most time consuming tasks in the law industry. Although solutions are available to make legal search faster and easier, none are used as often as dtSearch, a company whose products help with legal research across statutes, regulations, and case law and can search web data.”
Inside Counsel

“HTML5 functionality holds some changes for web developers as it begins to roll out, particularly regarding forms. In anticipation, an updated version of dtSearch’s Web with Spider product can be used with the included HTML5 templates to instantly publish searchable data.”

“The performance of dtSearch is truly impressive and the fact that it’s not only fast but can handle Big Data makes it ideal for all sorts of heavy lifting searches as well as digital forensics; indeed, the company has extensive advice on how to use dtSearch for just that purpose.”
— Network World (Gearhead Column)
Gearhead Rating of 5 out of 5

“There are times when an enterprise really does just want to find documents that have that 'smoking gun' keyword term ... For instance, an online information services organization might want to highlight articles specifically about 'Superstorm Sandy' ... For such cases, the CAAT analytics engine ... integrated the keyword, metadata, Boolean, fuzzy, and other text search capabilities from dtSearch’s Engine.”
Dataversity (describing Content Analyst's dtSearch installation)

Mentions dtSearch as having “developed solutions for large-scale customers to analyze large amounts of data related to forensic questions.”
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (German-to-English translation from Google) 

Mentions dtSearch as providing a “terabyte volume index of web data, e-mails and files” with search results “in a split second.”
Bilanz (German-to-English translation from Google)

Our users "are getting data faster than they can get from any other source." "Because of our use of dtSearch's platform, we have this very rare ability to narrow a search to a large selection of relevant companies very instantly."
Price of Business (interview involving directEDGAR)

 “Preventive risk system, Intraspexion, has increased the capabilities of its ... legal review tech by integrating the strengths of the dtSearch engine. The combination allows document filters to parse a wide variety of information and document formats, and to search terabytes of company data for any signs [relevant to] a future law suit.”
Artificial Lawyer (describing Intraspexion embedding dtSearch components)

dtSearch Engine: Specialized Search Engines

Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Award 2023

“Bottom line: dtSearch manages a terabyte of text in a single index and returns results in less than a second … Corporate features include multiple languages, index sharing, and customization. Plus, there’s extensive third-party support. “I was especially impressed with the transparent features that boost accuracy.
— InfoWorld
dtSearch was previously awarded the InfoWorld Buyers Assurance Seal

Ubiquitous search software  Many users of search-based applications, including a large percent of e-discovery platforms, are benefiting from the powerful search capabilities of dtSearch. Often included in search applications on an OEM basis, dtSearch is used in forensic and intelligence applications, financial services, and for searching large technical libraries.”
— KMWorld (“Search: power tools that leverage corporate knowledge”)
A subsequent KMWorld article also indicated that it Recommended dtSearch

“For combing through large amounts of data, dtSearch “leads the market.
— Network Computing (CSI: Enterprise coverage)

“Ideally suited for rapid indexing by forensic investigators.
— Investigative Data Mining for Security and Criminal Detection

“Indispensable for users who need a search tool to access multiple file formats … The product performed searches at blazing speeds.
—Computer Reseller News Test Center

dtSearch is “so good that even criminal investigators use it for forensics. Stacked with awards and accolades … searches lightening fast and accurately to boot! Just to mention a figure, 100,000 documents searched in less than a second … nearly every conceivable method of foraging through data is built into this lifesaver … This is certainly the searchlight of the computer world.”
— The London Morning Paper

“dtSearch an inspired choice.” “dtSearch offers intelligent searching at terrific speeds we were really amazed … wow go ahead and find your most vital information with lightning speed.” “dtSearch is a fast, powerful, text file indexing program for document search and retrieval.”
— it-news
Editor’s Choice

“With corporate network data stores taking on immense proportions, powerful methods of dredging out specific information are key to leveraging the usefulness of enormous storage systems. [dtSearch Corp.] has successfully accomplished this with dtSearch ... an impressive text-retrieval application that is already making this reviewer’s life easier. The main search window in dtSearch includes every conceivable method of describing exactly what information you’re searching for.”
— PC Magazine Online

dtSearch is “a MUST HAVE tool for network administrators and computer professionals.”
— S&J Magazine

“Big site seeks search engine ... dtSearch Web ... adds powerful text search options to your Web site or intranet ... Get search results in an instant.”
— Internet Works

“Beats the Heck Out of Grep ... A text search tool for end users and developers alike, dtSearch [offers] near-instant searching ... developer edition [has] the text retrieval engine for Windows API, .NET or Linux ... The Web edition [has] a spider-bot that can crawl external sites ... dtSearch Publish lets you include the full-fledged text retrieval machine on any CD or DVD.”
— Software Development Magazine

“How would you like a program that can index a million words in a host of file formats ... then find any word or phrase you need in any indexed file and show you the entire text of that file, regardless of format so close to instantly only an android would appreciate the difference? The program is dtSearch ... Fast, clean, efficient, accurate, complete.”
ComputorEdge Magazine

“Finding a particular document ... An impossible task? It may be if you don’t have dtSearch ... We particularly appreciated the speed and flexibility of the searches.”
— Smart Computing

dtSearch is “an excellent program.”
— Online Today

“More than a search tool, dtSearch is an application that lawyers can use for electronic discovery and management of electronic documents.”  dtSearch's “power and versatility were the reasons I kept thinking of e-discovery as I tested dtSearch. The Dec. 1 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure underscore the obligation of parties in litigation to provide electronic data in discovery.  That means finding the data. And finding it requires a powerful and versatile search tool ... dtSearch includes features specifically designed for corporate and forensic applications ... Once the index is created, searching is every bit as fast as the company promises.”
— LegalLine Blog (by the author of the “The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web)”

dtSearch is “a powerful, flexible lifesaver.”
—WINLAB Reviews
4 W's Award

“One of my favorite tools, that I talk about in any presentation or training class, is dtSearch ... Among the many new features, some of the most notable include the ability to create automatic index updates that can be scheduled; the ability to index other people’s web sites, even handling dynamically created links.”
— Sourcerer’s Apprentice

Awarded a top rating in the “Index and Search Resumes in Document Folders” category.
— Recruiting on the Web (“Smart Strategies for Finding the Perfect Candidate”)
Best in Class Award

“dtSearch c'est le 'père' de la recherche de texte.”
— Planète

“dtSearch provides an incredibly powerful search engine to help you comb through everything from your desktop to your network to the Internet ... an invaluable tool in law offices, recruiting, medical research, and government offices ... dtSearch has unleashed the single most efficient text retrieval application available.”
— PC Upgrade Magazine

“Results are returned in lightning speed even on multiple-indexed file server folders ... Everyone agrees that using the program was simple to learn and a great asset.”
— Public Defense Backup Center Report

“The combined features of conventional field-based and text-based searching via the dtSearch engine were integral in the sorting and culling of this unwieldy data set.”  The article also praised “the ability to exploit the search engine for text searches in Kanji.”
— Legal Tech Newsletter

dtSearch is “so powerful and loaded with options ... The breadth of options available when setting up your search parameters is amazing.”
— PC Today

dtSearch is “the search engine used in our application.” “The index generated from our database is based on the indexing scheme inherent in the commercial software used, and the fields present in the XML file are retained in the index.”  dtSearch “provides several mechanisms for controlling how documents are scored for relevance during a search.”
— RadioGraphics (“Informatics in Radiology — Render: An Online Searchable Radiology Study Repository”)

“Aviation firm earns wings with new text search ... Spar chose dtSearch Corp.’s text-search product, dtSearch Web, to serve the information up in an easily indexed manner online.”  For “‘a requirement that we have to run this thing on stand-alone PCs,’ ... Spar signed on for dtSearch Publish.”
— Computerworld Canada (discussing Spar Aerospace’s choice of dtSearch)

“dtSearch Publish is a tool that lets you quickly publish a document collection ... that is searchable by the recipient using dtSearch’s powerful search engine technology ... The search capabilities are automatically built into the collection you produce.” The result is “an elegant solution to creating a production set of electronically stored information that is immediately usable by the recipient ... an ideal tool for corporations and in-house legal departments that must frequently respond to e-discovery ... and for computer forensics examiners who need to provide their customers with a usable collection of items recovered during a computer forensic examination.” (special to

dtSearch listed as one of the “influential providers in terms of size and market share.”
— European Commission Report, Economic Trends in Enterprise Search Solutions

“dtSearch is a company that has a strong following among developers.”
— CMS Watch
(“The Enterprise Search Report”)

“dtSearch has expanded its product line ... development staff makes for consistent-to-rapid-paced product development.”
— CMS Watch
(“Enterprise Search Vendor Landscape”)

dtSearch can “find a wide variety of documents quickly and easily in many different languages and writing systems.”
— Machine Learning Forensics for Law Enforcement, Security, and Intelligence

Enterprise search survey included:  a “knowledge portal enabling rapid and efficient retrieval of the complete technical documentation for field service engineers at Otis Elevator to meet rapid response goals when supporting customers using a customized implementation of dtSearch, presented by ... Contegra Systems.”
— The Gilbane Group
(Enterprise Search Practice Blog)

dtSearch is “long a fave with Microsoft centric folks looking for an alternative for keyword search.”
Beyond Search (news and information from about search and content processing)

Current “document-level indexing and full-text search capabilities ... reflect a collaboration with dtSearch Corp.  That company's text retrieval technology includes the ability to search through just about any file type and offers lots of field types for data searches. Speed is one of the things dtSearch has always bragged about, and it is capable of searching terabytes of data within seconds.”
Investment News (discussing eFileCabinet's OEM integration of dtSearch)

dtSearch “provides great functionality in searching both electronic documents and paper documents that are subsequently scanned and converted to a text searchable format, especially since it can search and retrieve information in many different file types.  dtSearch is a user friendly software program which provides immediate results and utility ... As electronic discovery in federal criminal matters continues to grow in volume and in the variety of formats, dtSearch is a useful tool for CJA panel attorneys faced with the daunting task of organizing and searching through their case material.”
National Litigation Support Blog for Federal / Community Defenders and CJA Practitioners

dtSearch “offers a robust tool for processing, searching, and viewing a mixed collection of raw files and emails.”
Electronic Discovery for Small Cases:  Managing Digital Evidence and ESI (published by the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section)

"Cabinet offers document management in the cloud, as well as through servers running at their client sites" and "dtSearch plays a pivotal role in the retrieval of information" including "areas such as information access control, disaster recovery."
CyberTrend (discussing Cabinet Document Management Solutions embedding dtSearch)

“A key part in any such solution is the ability to quickly parse, index, and search files. [For now Gimmal's Archive Attender] dtSearch provides the behind-the-scenes functionality to make that possible ... dtSearch product is mature, stable ... ‘Formats change, operating systems change, programming languages change, and they keep up with it.’”
Processor (“Practical and Affordable Content Management”)

For ESI, the electronic discovery book "recommend[s] dtSearch Publish, a software program that will produce the ESI on a CD, DVD or external hard drive that is immediately usable and does not require specialized litigation software or IT support.” (discussing the ESI section of the book Electronic Discovery for Small Cases)

“So there I was, working an IR case … The forensics version of 'It was a dark and stormy night.' I pointed dtSearch at the folder containing all the output and indexed it. This allowed me to quickly search ... the output from all of the systems for new information.”
Integriography: A Journal of Broken Locks, Ethics, and Computer Forensics

“BUSINESS CHALLENGE ... Make navigation of the site faster and also provide filters to help people narrow down what they're looking for.  VENDOR OF CHOICE:  CONTEGRA SYSTEMS AND DTSEARCH.”  Contegra's “areas of expertise include strategic website design for the information publishing market, graphic web design, and guided search and navigation ... dtSearch can instantly search terabytes of text ...”
Contegra's Kaleidosearch embedding the dtSearch Engine offers “the grouping of search results by facet, the ability to expand and collapse facet choices, and a search summary of selected facets ... Kaleidosearch offers customers the capabilities of a full-text search engine along with faceted navigation.”
EContent Magazine (discussing Contegra's Kaleidosearch embedding dtSearch)

“The NYSDA [New York State Defenders Association] recently turned to web application developer Contegra Systems and dtSearch, which provides text retrieval tools for such tasks as web searches, to embed advanced indexing and search functions in its document management platform and the case management system they offer to New York state public defenders’ offices ... ‘Prosecuting and defending cases is all about access to information, and the search gives public defenders the ability to go after any data, whether it’s in a document or database.’”
— Legaltech News (discussing Contegra Systems installation of the dtSearch Engine for the NYSDA)

“dtSearch provides a commercial grade toolset for forensic searching”
Windows Forensics: The Field Guide for Corporate Computer Investigations

dtSearch can “create an indexed, fully searchable collection from the raw data you receive. You can search the collection by keyword or use more-advanced Boolean search techniques. Hits will be displayed in a list ordered by relevancy ... Individual items can be viewed with the dtSearch viewer.”
Law Practice

“There are several powerful software tools you should consider employing for searching large quantities of data. For example, dtSearch by dtSearch Corp. can index terabytes of digital data in many different formats and make it all text-searchable. Search results are relatively easy to review, and search terms are highlighted in the documents.”
Corporate Counsel (posted at

“dtSearch [provides] fast indexing, searching, and retrieving from millions of text files ... M3 marketers can embed dtSearch's instant searching.”
Machine-to-Machine Marketing (M3)

“An executive with computer chipmaker Hynix Semiconductor, was indicted by the United States Department of Justice, charged with joining a criminal conspiracy to fix prices in the dynamic random access memory industry ... To contain those costs and meet the 12-month review target, our litigation support department used ingenuity, and a mix of products ... Among our tools were Ipro Tech's line of products, including Ipro e-Scan IT and Ipro OCR, and a full-text search engine, dtSearch, from dtSearch.”
— Law Technology News (“Trial Technology Saves Last Man Standing” describes use of dtSearch directly and embedded in third-party applications)

“dtSearch ... editions are powerful text-searching tools for file-level identification and extraction.”
— Computer Evidence: Collection and Preservation

dtSearch ... “offers an incredible number of tools for searching your files ... displays your results with highlighted keyword hits.”  dtSearch also “includes a new index format that enables you to store more than a terabyte of data in a single index.”

dtSearch “can end the hassle associated with managing large amounts of data ... dtSearch is a relatively unique enterprise search product that is easily implemented ... intuitive and powerful.” 
— Software in Review

“dtSearch allows instant, vast searches.” 
— Legal Management

“We migrated our search capabilities over to dtSearch … This has improved the accuracy of search queries as well as given us much better search result summaries.” 
— Newsletter

dtSearch “allows you to search over and within documents, email, websites ... more than two dozen text search options ... hit highlighting.”
— NetGuideWeb

dtSearch “can search through terabytes of text (one terabyte is 1,024 gigabytes) in a few seconds.”  dtSearch “can find, and highlight, words in documents quickly ... Original files are not altered. dtSearch works only through its index.”
— The Ledger

“Take dtSearch ... The software makes it easier to find information on Web sites and PC desktops, data networks and software files.”
— Investor’s Business Daily

“Praise for a terrific desktop search engine dtSearch ... Great stuff.”
— The Semantic Advantage (blog)

“The site redesign is intended to make it easier for visitors to access regulatory information, news and forms ... Additions include search technology from dtSearch that lets users search across the entire portal for information.” — FederalComputerWeek (discussing the North Carolina Banking Commission's relaunch of its Web site to include, among other things, Microsoft CMS and dtSearch)

“This industrial-strength text-search program is designed for professionals who work with large collections of documents on PCs, on Web servers, and in other archives ... powerhouse search tool.”
— PC World (“Deep File Divers”)

 “When I say ‘split second’ I mean it was really too fast for me to measure ... The company, dtSearch Corp., has been producing search software for more than 10 years. But it’s hard to see how they could improve on the current version.”
— The Gaston Gazette

dtSearch “algorithms provide unrivaled power and capabilities ... the program raises the bar in text retrieval, providing an industrial strength search engine that is an absolute must-have for Web-based data information management ... dtSearch outmaneuvers the competition. It’s a robust, sophisticated and powerful text-search tool ... If you want speed and accuracy, dtSearch is the only way to go.”
— Law Office Computing (“The Search Is On” article)

“The needle’s in the haystack, and you’re on a deadline to find it. You need dtSearch ... If you spend half your life looking for data, dtSearch is a powerful remedy.”
— PC Computing

“Take a look at dtSearch, a powerful text retrieval engine ... powerful, yet speedy.”
— NZ PC World

“dtSearch is a blindingly fast text search and retrieval product ... This tool will build indexes of the files on your storage medium, then allow you to build complex search requests that operate against the index files rather than the source files themselves ... The product is eye-blink fast ... The searching capabilities of the dtSearch product and, by extension, the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine, are nothing short of astounding. Their search algorithms, in combination with a proprietary index format, allow colossal amounts of text to be managed quickly and efficiently.”
— Delphi Informant

“Today’s focus: dtSearch spiders and searches Web ... dtSearch Web can search many format types including Microsoft Office documents, e-mail, HTML, PDF, XML, ZIP, CSV, RTF, ANSI, and Unicode ... dtSearch Spider [provides] searching of both public and secure content.”
— Network World (newsletter on Web applications)

For “premium products ... dtSearch is probably the most accomplished.” dtSearch handles “more sophisticated queries, as well as a broader range of file formats.”
— The Register

dtSearch is “extremely fast at indexing.”  “The dtSearch query engine sports an extensive API and gives users a fairly flexible syntax for modifying the engine’s behavior ... Of the products tested, the dtSearch client provides the easiest and most comprehensive point-and-click interface to those query features to help users create advanced queries without having to remember exact syntax.”
— Network Computing (enterprise search review)

dtSearch appeared in the Top 10 in the Law Technology News survey of the most popular software programs for electronic data discovery (and was the first search engine on the list)

“Integrated into a Web site via a point and click form, dtSearch Web can add a dozen instant text search options ... requires no knowledge of HTML or Internet protocols and provides Webmasters with numerous options to customise the appearance of search forms and search results.”
— Internet Business

“dtSearch Web and Text Retrieval Engine offers its clients full control over the content including security measures, an important feature to government agencies and other ‘high-security’ clients ... Companies with development shops can take advantage of the dtSearch Text Retrieval programming APIs, which includes multithreaded operation for use with Active Server Pages (ASP) and .NET.”
— WebReview

“If you want more search options than the plain-vanilla [Microsoft] Indexing Service provides, check out dtSearch ... with fuzzy searching, natural language support (“find the May sales report”), and advanced queries.”
— Smart Business

“Search features are robust ... But most of all it’s blazingly fast.” dtSearch Web is “a world class search engine [installed] all in less than 10 minutes ... Highly recommended.”
— PCNet®

dtSearch is “the grandaddy of all text search and retrieval programs.”
— PC World Online

“Search terabytes of text in a second or less.” dtSearch offers “incredibly fast index searches ... and can even adjust fuzzy operatives to varying levels of intensity.”
— Strategic Finance

dtSearch “searches are blindingly fast. Fishing expeditions are easier with features such as fuzzy searches, which can find words even when they are misspelled, and a built-in thesaurus that can be used to automatically include synonyms in a search ... Functioning equally well against both email folders and text files, these are very powerful and useful capabilities for an investigator.”
— Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials

“Capable of indexing a terabyte of text within a single index and simultaneously searching an unlimited number of indices, dtSearch can scale to any size of task.”

“Computer forensics and e-discovery software maker [now Exterro] is beginning to offer licenses for ... a series of software ‘connectors’ that legal departments, service providers, and technology companies can use to extract information from Microsoft Exchange, Oracle Universal Records Management, and Symantec Enterprise Vault.  The connectors ... are based on existing software that [the company] built several years ago in conjunction with search technology specialist dtSearch, which also partners with many other legal technology companies.”
— Law Technology News

"Search applications with complex data models pose special challenges.  One such example was a search application Contegra built for Carrier Corporation ... 'There are hierarchical taxonomies, model numbers and serial numbers ... We want to be sure that when the users do a keyword search, the information is presented in a meaningful context, so they can narrow it down to the exact part and the nature of the document, whether it is a technical publication, leaflet or catalog."  dtSearch "'is a mature product with a very stable API ... dtSearch is able to search across SQL databases and PDF documents, and then search parts referenced within documents.  It sounds like a simple task to recognize parts numbers, but when you have 50,000 of them with complex relationships and want to do the search quickly, using the right search tool is very important.'"
KMWorld ("Specialized Search:  Strategies Yield Results")


“It is just incredible what you guys [at dtSearch] do .... I’ve referred [contacts] to you who have just said to me, we’re trying to find this, we can’t find this. I’ve said I’ll bet they could. If there’s words and there’s data, there’s a way to do it from dtSearch.”
Price of Business

“I go for brute strength, via something called dtSearch.
The Wall Street Journal (Loose Wire column, “Gimme Some of That Software?)

“For the heavy lifters, I’d recommend dtSearch … a super fast, super-reliable program … a workhorse for the serious searcher.
The Wall Street Journal (Loose Wire column, “Where Oh Were Have All Great Software Ideas Gone?)

“Search is lightning fast … dtSearch has excellent search capabilities, and its performance was unmatched by any other product here.  “A wide variety of search terms, both simple and complex … each returned a result immediately after requesting the search. No other product here was as fast.
— Redmond Magazine

“dtSearch returns results in a flash … the search results speak for themselves.
— PC World (review of ten different search programs)
Editor’s Pick


“Simply put, the two companies help the good guys catch the bad guys. The FBI and local law enforcement agencies … have used dtSearch and [its customer’s] software to sift through massive amounts of computer data to help make the connections that lead to arrests.” “Dramatic examples where the product has helped catch criminals” include “a money laundering and black market gem operation” and “a police shooting in California.”
— Washington Business Journal

“If you do run the kind of business where its features are necessary, the program is pure gold.”
— Maximum PC

dtSearch offers “a powerful arsenal of search tools.”
— The New York Times

dtSearch “im Test mit den besten Suchergebnissen, deklassiert alle anderen Programme aber auch bei der Ausstattung … kommt selbst mit Indizes im Terabyte-Bereich zurecht und spielt ihre Stärken in vernetzten Arbeitsumgebungen aus.”
— PC Professionell
Empfehlung der Redaktion

English translation:
 dtSearch provided “the best search results” and “works with indexes even in the terabyte range.”
— PC Professionell
Editor’s Choice

“dtSearch ... Finding a Virtual Needle in a Digital Haystack is Now Much Easier ... Extensive Search Parameters ... The program can perform a plethora of search types ... I was impressed with dtSearch’s search query flexibility and speed of returning results.”
— MS OfficePRO

“A robust, sophisticated, desktop search engine that outsmarts (and outmaneuvers) the competition. If you want speed & precision, dtSearch is the only way to go.”
— Dingbat Magazine
Utility of the Month

“Do you need to search mountains of digital text? dtSearch ... achieves its speed by first building an index that stores the location of words in files. The program recognizes and supports word processor, database, PDF, XML, and Unicode files and more, and it doesn’t alter your original files. If you’re having trouble thinking of the word you’re trying to find, the program lets you use a Browse Thesaurus option [and] a look-up word option that shows the effect on words retrieved with fuzzy, phonic, stemming, or wild card searching activated.”
— PC

“Product: dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine ... Summary: A tremendously powerful and capable text search engine that may be incorporated into both networked and standalone applications, as well as deployed with a Web server.”
— Visual Developer

“dtSearch always returned results in less than a second, living up to the company's claims ... I found dtSearch to be a versatile application that allows you to hunt quickly through large local and remote data stores using practically any search formula, from keywords to fuzzy logic ... From a pure technology standpoint, I like dtSearch [compared to the other search programs reviewed]. It's fast, extensible, easily deployed, searches across multiple indexes simultaneously, and doesn't mandate a central server.”
— PC-Welt (Germany)

“A VB Internet code search engine with a twist ... it uses the powerful dtSearch under the hood.”
— Visual Basic Developer Weekly

“Bottom Line: Very powerful text-search tool ... a staggering number of ways to search ... a very strong program ... a great bargain for offices that need to master mountains of text.”
— Windows Magazine

dtSearch is “blazing fast ... capable of using natural language processing or sophisticated Boolean logic to tease results from humongous data archives ... an essential tool for finding what’s where.”
— Hartford Courant

“dtSearch is a great time-saving tool ... There is no quicker way to find a needle in a digital haystack.”
— The Lawyer’s PC
(published by West Group)

“Without a doubt, dtSearch is an industrial-strength application ... if finding what you want when you want it is critical to your daily operations, it’s an application you won’t want to be without.”
— jobfind
(Dr. Gadget column)

“One of the major players in the customized content search systems for corporations ... dtSearch has answered the need with their 64-bit Windows and Linux server-based products ... What will likely be of most interest to developers is the dtSearch API, which contains an expansive array of well-organized functions that can be leveraged for tremendous flexibility in the creation of custom applications … dtSearch delivers a powerful compliment of front-end and back-end solutions.”
— DevProConnections
(“Search Technology Optimized for the Corporate Computing Environment”)

“The company has attracted attention for its search engine, provided by vendor dtSearch. ‘When customers are looking for grocery items, they often have different descriptions like using “pasta” for “spaghetti” ... This search engine has synonym searching, so it can accommodate interchangeable words. In addition, it accommodates misspelled words.’”
— Supermarket News (describing a dtSearch installation)

“A system from dtSearch ... can accommodate 'bad spelling' and can sort products by nutritional class, such as low carb, low calorie, or low sodium.”  
— SN (“Mastering the Online Game”)

“Besides Google there are tools from dtSearch, which offers a variety of software solutions.” dtSearch “provided much more detail and control than Google.”
— Network World

dtSearch “lives up to its billing for speed and thoroughness ... a powerful tool ... The company also offers a full set of tools to manage network search options. When it comes to finding information fast, dtSearch delivers.”
— The Herald News

“... larger corpuses are better handled using external programs. In my experience, dtSearch is ideal for this purpose. dtSearch uses indexing, can process almost any file format, and can even search using fuzzy technique if needed.”
— Translation Journal

“dtSearch offers high-end capabilities ... solid options for companies, including the surprisingly good dtSearch Web product that lets them add detailed search capabilities to their sites and intranets.
— eWEEK Labs (Pings & Pangs)

“After you create an image of suspect media, you'll need to search for possible evidence.  The dtSearch product line ... provides solutions that enable you to search terabytes of text in a short time.  Although not strictly a forensic tool, dtSearch supports a highly necessary forensic function.”
— Computer Forensics JumpStart

“Sifting through legal databases with pages of online documents can be cumbersome despite the search functionality available in many legal databases -- but the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN) has found a tool to simplify legal searches." dtSearch "enables full-text searches through the database for locating specific documents more quickly.”
— Government Technology

“‘Our customers are finding enormous cost and time savings by conducting electronic discovery searches in-house ... It is critical that we provide them with the most thorough search competencies on the market, and that’s what we get with dtSearch.’”
Processor (describing the product that is now Gimmal Discovery)

“SmartSearch with dtSearch search engine makes finding key documents easier.”  “The Town of Centerville, TN, is a municipal organization that manages critical government functions and handles paperwork for a variety of vital services, including police department and court documents.” “Designed by Square 9 and built on .NET, SmartSearch delivers enterprise-class Web forms management and workflow automation capabilities, extending access to content in a highly secure environment ... The SmartSearch solution uses the dtSearch Engine to simplify document retrieval, delivering proprietary document filters and instant search capabilities across terabytes of data and supporting database, Web data and popular productivity file searches.”  The result:  “streamlined document storage, instant retrieval.”
— Government Security News (case study)

Contegra Systems needed to set up the the site with “a host of Web 2.0 features, guided search, topical navigation, custom registration, client data capture and a sophisticated ad-serve mechanism.”  Selecting dtSearch “was an easy choice.  Beyond its customization capabilities, dtSearch offers excellent performance, reliability and scalability ... Additional consideration was given to dtSearch’s extensive installed base, well-documented code and access to top-level developers for support.”
— DM Review Magazine (review describing Contegra's project for customer)

Century Business Technologies “offers in-house scanning, document imaging, document storage, and retrieval management headlined by SmartSearch Document Management from Square 9® embedding the dtSearch® Engine ... The end result is good for business. ‘Deals are closing faster, and our entire team is seeing much improved customer service results.’”
— Processor Magazine (case study)

“‘We utilize dtSearch in conjunction with SQL to basically expand the flexibility of what users can do.’” dtSearch “‘was the fastest there was ... Looking at just database performance, Microsoft SQL couldn’t do that on its own. dtSearch provided that performance level.’” “dtSearch’s technology has also proven superior ... the dtSearch product is incredibly stable.”
— Processor Magazine (discussing dtSearch customer)

“dtSearch leads the market of mid-range cost indexing systems ... dtSearch has several configurations of its indexing system, including just the dtSearch engine for implementation into other products.”
— Hacking Exposed, 2nd Edition

“The dtSearch Engine was integrated into the [now Gimmal Discovery] eDiscovery module, built for in-house teams to help manage legal hold notifications, search and collection for legal discovery requests, compliance requirements or internal investigations ... ‘Without competent search technologies, the effectiveness of the legal team grinds to a halt.’”
— Inside Counsel

"UnitedLex provides solutions resulting in risk mitigation, efficiency improvements and cost optimization for its clients internationally — including offerings like Questio, a managed service that changes the traditional approach to e-discovery and data management ...'The dtSearch engine plays a critical role in our ability to efficiently locate key evidence required by our clients in litigation and investigations.'"
— Inside Counsel (discussing UnitedLex and its use of dtSearch)

“Proprietary indexing and searching algorithms allow for fast indexing and searching performance even over extremely large databases and other diverse collections of documents ... dtSearch's searching algorithms allow it to handle many levels of complexity.”
— Internet Business Intelligence

dtSearch “supports my three critical requirements mentioned above, and has many other really nice features,” including that it “is extremely easy and fast to build an index.”
— Wiki for PaperPort, Articles/Tutorials (article entitled “dtSearch and PaperPort”)

“dtSearch, which I consider the standard by which all others should be judged, is 20 years old this year.”
— The Register

“Lawyers and their teams are always looking for information in hard-to-search documents, and dtSearch Corp. has solved their long-time headaches.”
— Inside Counsel ("New dtSearch Release Offers More Support to Lawyers")

dtSearch is a “tantalizing program.”
— The New York Times (James Fallows column)

dtSearch offers “Instant search for large data volumes ... nearly unparalleled experience in both the text search and retrieval space and the file parsing and conversion space.
— (introductory comments proceeding dtSearch Corp. interview)

“A powerful search engine ... Besides searching through individual files, you can also include web URLs and outlook folders in your search indexes ... Whether you're doing research or just looking for something you lost, it would be hard to beat the speed and ease of dtSearch.
— Redmond Magazine

“dtSearch ... does an excellent job of finding needles in haystacks that come in a wide variety of file formats ... works quickly with a wide variety of search modes ... But the most intriguing new feature I saw was the ability to index public sites on the Web ... Web sites often have a built in index or search program, but I’ve found that dtSearch lets me find things on some sites that I couldn’t find using the built-in program.”
— Law Office Technology Review (reprinted at

“dtSearch ... raises the bar in text retrieval, providing an ‘industrial strength’ search engine that is definitely a must-have for any experienced computer user or information systems manager.  In addition, dtSearch will perform this amazing search at an amazing speed ... The program has many powerful methods of dredging out specific information about the indexed files, thus supporting the efforts of any company to leverage the usefulness of the rapidly growing enormous storage systems now so common. Just about every conceivable method of describing exactly what you are searching for is built into this super program ... Web site developers can offer their viewers this powerful searching tool.”
— Golden Triangle PC Club

“Customers shouldn’t have to worry about spacing, abbreviations or misspellings when they are shopping and pressed for time. A good search function will take care of that situation, and that is what ours does.”
— Internet Retailer (quoting a dtSearch customer on their Web-based usage of dtSearch)

“In talking to e-discovery vendors and consultants, document review software tends to rely on a handful of licensed technologies [which allow] vendors to quickly build software platforms that can take a large collection of documents and extract files, index the data and text inside, and search those files. Some of the most common components used by vendors include: dtSearch text retrieval software.”
— Law Technology News ("Stop and Take a Look Under the EDD Hood")

“If you are constantly mining your own hard drive for information, [dtSearch] is money well spent ... quickly turns up the informational needle you were looking for.”
— Philadelphia Inquirer

“The strength of dtSearch is the incredible number of ways you can customize most facets of the program ... The breadth of options available when setting up your search parameters is amazing.”
— PC Today

“dtSearch Corp. has users at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; California attorney general’s office; Defense and Justice departments; and NASA.”
— Government Computer News

dtSearch “boasts more than two dozen search options ... The built-in Web Spider will include specified Internet sites in the index and distributed searching feature explore include local and remote repositories from a single interface.”
— KMWorld
dtSearch was subsequently featured in KMWorld's Enterprise Search/Information Access Product Roundup

“Searching for files has never been so easy!” “The answer is dtSearch ... Superb! ... The search options in this program are astounding.”
— Lockergnome

“dtSearch ... like a private company search engine ... its very powerful, designed for large collections of data ... This is probably the most sophisticated tool out there.”
— The Net Takeaway

With regard to indexing performance, “dtSearch ran considerably faster than MS-SQL ... dtSearch took from 3.5 [to] 4 hours, whereas MS-SQL took from 20 [to] 28 hours.” With regard to search performance, of 14 test queries, “dtSearch was faster in all of the queries except two” and “documents returned by dtSearch are always equal to, or a superset of, the documents returned by MS-SQL.” Further, “There were no false positives” with dtSearch. A chart comparison of dtSearch with MS-SQL, Oracle, and IBM DB2 also found that only dtSearch had all 17 search features listed. “Based on the above benchmarks, we elected to use the dtSearch engine for text indexing and searching of data.”
— Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (“Integrating Query of Relational and Textual Data in Clinical Databases: A Case Study”)

dtSearch “provides powerful Boolean search capabilities and the ability to drill deep into successive search results. We especially liked its ability to search content resources no matter where they were.”
— eWEEK (Message & Collaboration)

“dtSearch took its file indexing and searching expertise, moved it to the Web, and now offers a variety of tools to help users and companies avoid ever losing a file again on a desktop, a network or the Web.”
— Network World Fusion

“dtSearch delivered more value than the tools of other vendors in the roundup, according to the CRN Test Center ... dtSearch offers an entire line of search and text-retrieval products designed for any corporate intranet. dtSearch uses a freer approach to searching and document management than its competitors ... the original file is left untouched.” Developers’ applications “can incorporate dtSearch’s Engine to index and search large volumes of text.”
— Computer Reseller News Test Center (review of search technologies)

“dtSearch’s Text Retrieval Engine Powers Web-based Business Intelligence Mining Library ...  To meet all of the above requirements for the project’s search functionality, Cybergroup chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Windows by dtSearch Corp.  A single dtSearch index could include both the SQL database and the separate document repository, including searching with all the above advanced search features, ranking capabilities, and hit-highlighted display options.”
— asp.netPRO
(case study)

“dtSearch to the Rescue ... I want to let you know about an incredible tool ... I have never used anything quite like this product.”
— SC InfoSec (Info Security News Service newsletter)

“The program is incredibly flexible and searches are very, very fast ... The more files you index, the more you’ll profit from dtSearch. I ... was amazed at its indexing and nearly-instantaneous searching speeds.
— The Office Letter,
Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Office

“I’m investigating dtSearch and I can tell you now, it’s a refreshing return to simplicity ... You can use dtSearch from any .NET language, Java or C++. In this case I’m going to use the .NET API and C# 4.0, but the ideas are more or less the same in any language because the same classes are provided to do the same job ... Yes it really is this easy.”
— I‑Programmer (“Getting Started with dtSearch” article published at i‑

“Although the main conclusion has to be that this is a really easy to use system, there are always considerations about how to do things in a slightly more sophisticated way. In this article we take a look at how to deal with big searches and the sorts of things you can do with what you find.”
— I‑Programmer (“Threading and dtSearch” article published at i‑

“A really nice touch is the provision of the special tags ... which causes the FileConverter to place numbers into the file corresponding to the index of the hit in the array.”  “While the output of the conversion is HTML (or RTF, or XML or plain text) the input file can be in any of the supported formats ... This is almost too easy.”
— I‑Programmer (“Hit highlighting with dtSearch” published at i‑

“Take the same DataSource class and customize it to provide documents or raw text from any source you care to use - ODB, ADO.NET, LINQ, raw SQL, XML, RSS or any of the many web APIs.”
— I‑Programmer (“Full Text Database Indexing with dtSearch” published at i‑

“So far we have ignored one intriguing option” with dtSearch: “you can opt to store the contents of a document within the index” where “the document to be cached could be stored on a website, a cloud datastore or a file share.” “There are so many way to use the text or files cached in the index,” including “to generate a search report using the cache.” Here, “the report consists of all of the hits, with the hits highlighted using bold and an additional 10 words of context surrounding the hit.”
— I‑Programmer (“Document Caching with dtSearch” published at i‑ 

With dtSearch, “endless indexing is now a breeze.”
— Computerworld

A “favorite affordable workhorse” is “the ubiquitous dtSearch indexing and search tool ... salvation lay with dtSearch ... more kudos for dtSearch.”
— Law Technology News
(“EDD for Everybody”)

dtSearch “text-search software instantly combs through more than a terabyte of text in less than a second.”
— Network Computing
(“Quick Takes”)

“I recently was introduced to dtSearch ... I was impressed with the scope of functionality that it offered. In particular, a feature that I never could seem to get quite right, filtering search results, they nail through their faceted search capabilities. In this article, I’m going to show you how to set up dtSearch with an Entity Framework dataset and then use faceted search navigation to add multiple filters to the result set.”
— CodeProject
(“Faceted Search with dtSearch – Not Your Average Search Filter”)

“dtSearch provides a wealth of capabilities for an Enterprise grade search library. Coupled with a first class user-interface tool like the Telerik UI for ASP.NET, amazing results can be delivered with a little bit of integration work. Offload the work to search and present your enterprise data to dtSearch.”
— CodeProject
(“Turbo Charge your Search Experience with dtSearch and Telerik UI for ASP.NET”)

“Cybergroup is a custom software development company that serves government and private markets.” A sample “context in which Cybergroup uses dtSearch is for e-commerce websites, when a user needs to access information about a product during the transaction. ‘A customer gets pricing and product data such as item numbers from the website, but also may want to look at technical documentation or reviews, which is unstructured ... 'dtSearch readily integrates these into a search interface.’” “To tune relevancy, dtSearch can, for example, rank a certain word higher if it appears in a particular field and lower it in another one.”
— KMWorld
(“Search Technology: A Spectrum of Options”)

“When the FBI was asked to look into these emails, it wasn’t being asked to do anything revolutionary. It’s a fairly standard cyber-forensic skill, according to ... the CTO of Computer Forensic Services and former senior computer forensic analyst for the U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force ... Based on his  prior experience with federal law enforcement ... the FBI would have likely used Encase, Forensic Toolkit or dtSearch software to help analyze the email data.”  Note:  Forensic Toolkit also embeds the dtSearch Engine.
FCW – The Business of Federal Technology (“What It Takes to Review 650,000 Emails”)

 “Among the new tools on the scene ... Intraspexion, a litigation risk solution powered by machine learning abilities that was recently launched by startup Intraspexion and [embedding] enterprise search and retrieve software dtSearch ... the platform aims to ‘track enterprise emails [and] manage the flow of the data’ to uncover any employee risks that may spur litigation.”
Legaltech News (describing Intraspexion embedding dtSearch components)

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